Wood Craft Projects

Here's how to make inexpensive wood craft projects using scrap materials. Building materials are all around us, free for the taking.  Forget the lumber store. Start scrounging.

Trim your trees and make a garden gate or a chair. If you are lucky enough to have trees in your backyard, then you have probably had to do some tree trimming at one time or another. If you don't have trees in your back yard, check with the city maintenance department or with a neighbor. Unless you live in the middle of the desert, I'm sure you can find some.

When I trim my trees, I save some of the branches. I have made benches, garden gates, tables and chairs. No two are alike. Some trees are better than others to use. Poplar, although easy to come by around here, does not make good building material. Red willow is one of the best for these type of wood craft projects, especially if you want to make the bent willow furniture. It seems to have the most pliable branches and also stays a nice color. Not all willow is like this. Some types are brittle and the smaller branches turn a dark color when dried.

One of the easiest things to start with, is a trellis made from tree branches. It doesn't even require really precise measurements! Why not try it!?

The wood garden gate is another one of the wood craft projects that is fairly easy.

Start with the basic structure and then add pieces to make your own unique design.

I find my method of building easier, but not the typical way of doing things. For most of the main structure, I use pre drilled holes and screws, instead of nails. Screws hold everything together better than nails.

There is nothing worse than trying to hammer a nail in and having everything wobbling all over the place. Usually the nail I end up hitting is my thumb nail!


Using screws versus nails, does require you to have a few more tools. If you only have access to a hammer and nails, that will work too. Watch your thumbs!

More Wood Craft Projects To Make


These birdhouse instructions tell you how you can make this Home Tweet Home for your feathered friends.

Cheap, cheap, cheap to make using recycled wood.


Here is a carved walking stick using a tree branch. No wood carving tools are required, using this special technique.

This is not the typical carving project. Much easier and safer than actual wood carving.

It is so easy, even kids can do it.


Even though these aren't your  typical wood craft projects, they are an amazing sight to see. 

These Chainsaw Sculptures are incredible works of art, done by extremely talented people. 

Take a look!


I'll show you how to make a headboard with twigs and branches.

Rustic, inexpensive and Unique!


Use tree branches to make this jewelry stand.

It will hold not only your necklaces but also bracelets, earrings, rings and earrings.

Get your jewelry out of the jewelry box, and on display.


This handy key chain holder is made from recycled pallet wood!

Make this house for your keys and they will never get lost again!

Bonus: Learn how to do an inexpensive crackle paint technique using white glue!  


This watermelon craft is made to look good enough to eat, but you probably shouldn't. It's made from a slice of wood, so it might not be as delicious as you think.

It still would make a fun addition to your picnic this summer!


Another project to make using branches trimmed from a tree is this wood stool.

No trees were harmed in the process. Even trees need a haircut once in a while!


The real story behind the making of this wood slice sign.

Find out the do's and don'ts for this project.


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