Window Clings

Easy kids craft making window clings with gallery glass paints and a design from a coloring book.

Ratings for this craft project are:

Age: 8+

Difficulty rating: Easy

Time scale 2 out of 5 (not including drying time)



  • Gallery glass window paint, various colors your choice
  • Gallery glass simulated liquid leading. This is waterbased and contains no actual lead
  • photo album sheet
  • pattern, either hand drawn, from a coloring book or printed off internet
  • toothpicks

How to Make Window Clings

Choose the pictures that you would like to do. Something that has fairly big spaces, clearly defined is the best choice.

Not too much detail will be easier. I'm including a butterfly template, but the finer details will be difficult for younger kids.

Put the picture that you have chosen, under a clear liner of a photo album sheet.

Trace around the edge of the pictures with the liquid leading. Make sure it is all connected, with no gaps. If there are gaps, the colored paint will leak out and ruin your design.

Let this dry completely before going on to the next step.

Don't want to wait? Well, if you happen to have a really steady hand, you can continue on, before the leading has dried.

Now, use the colored paint and start filling in the outlined pictures. The paint can be carefully moved around with the tip of the tube or with a toothpick. If you didn't let the leading dry, be careful not to bump it!

For a special effect, add a color dot on top of another color and pull the color through with a toothpick. You can also swirl two different colors of paint together. I used both of these methods to do the butterfly.

The paint must be quite thick. Make sure there are no thin spots.


If there are thin spots, your window clings will rip when you try to remove them from the plastic. If there are air bubbles, pop them with a pin, while the paint is still wet.

If you make a mistake, it can be wiped up with a damp cloth or Q-tip. If that isn't possible, it can also just be trimmed to shape, after it is dry.

When the spaces are all filled in, let dry overnight. After drying, they can be peeled off the plastic. If they aren't coming off the plastic cleanly, they need to dry longer.

Now you can stick them on the window. They can be removed and reused at any time.

Caution! Do not put on Plexi glass because they do not remove well.


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