Watermelon Craft

This watermelon craft is a fun decoration to set out on the patio table. It looks yummy, but don't try to eat it!

There is a free printable pattern, to make it easier to get that shape just right.

Age:  Adult  

Looking for something more kid friendly? Turn this into a fun project for kids by printing out the pattern and letting them color it.

Difficulty:  Easy    

Time  scale:  3  out  of  5    




  • log slice approximately 10 inches across       
  • handsaw or chainsaw   
  • Jigsaw    
  • Course and medium grit sandpaper
  • cloth rag or tack cloth 
  • wood glue
  • printer
  • paper
  • pencil
  • scissors 
  • 1/2 inch angled brush
  • 3/4 inch brush
  • liner brush
  • small stipple brush
  • Pop tab
  • tacky glue
  • spray sealer   
  • Craft  paints:    



flesh tone   

Forest  green    

Light  green    




Watermelon Craft How To

Using a chainsaw or if you are feeling really energetic, a handsaw, to cut a 1-1.5  inch thick slice from a 10 inch log. The handsaw is not for me.. I don't have that much energy.

If you can't get a hold of a log, buy a piece of  pine or spruce wood from the hardware store and use that instead. No chainsaw will be required, only a jigsaw.

Print out the watermelon craft template and cut it out. Trace the outside shape of the pattern on to the wood slice.


Use a jigsaw to cut out the shape and get that bite out of the one side.  The wood I used had a mind of it's own. It cracked and pieces fell out, as I was cutting it.  The wood was pretty dry. No need for a melt down because it  worked out anyways. Less cutting to do! You don't need to be too set on the pattern . If this happens to you, make it work. The pattern is just a guideline. If your piece of wood has cracks in it, fill them with wood glue. Let it dry.


Sand the wood slice with course, then medium grit sandpaper. No need to get it perfectly smooth. The texture in the wood actually adds some interest to this watermelon craft.

Wipe the dust off with a rag.

If you plan on having this sit upright on a table or shelf, sand the bottom a bit so it will sit nicely.

Do a base coat on both sides, using white craft paint. Let dry.


Trace the pattern on to the wood slice. Yes, it sounds like I am repeating myself. I did say this already (kind of) but that was earlier, just to get the outside shape. Now you will be tracing the rind and the seed outline on. If you did this part before, you would have painted over it and then it would have to be redone. It may sound silly, but I have actually pulled this stunt before. There is then the "duh" moment when you start to paint the base coat and there goes your pattern. Now that I have made myself sound really silly, I shall continue on....


Paint the main part with burgundy craft paint. Don't paint the one inch wide piece at the bottom. This is the rind.  Let dry.


Now use Light green to paint the bottom and sides of the rind. While the paint is still wet, use the angled brush to add a white blended edge between the burgundy and the green.


Use a stipple brush and pounce on bits of pink and flesh tone paint. If the color ends up a bit too heavy, stipple a bit of burgundy over top.

Let dry and then repeat for other side.


Use forest green paint to add the squiggly pattern on the bottom of the rind. Wiggle the 3/4 inch brush back and forth, to make jagged edges.  Space about 1 inch apart.



Paint the seeds on with black paint with a liner brush. Let this dry and then put a small white dot, near the bottom of each seed.

Paint the other side the same way.


To hang this up on a wall, use tacky glue to add a pop tab to the back. Sand the paint off in a small area, where the hanger will be glued on. Glue will always adhere better to an unpainted surface.

After the paint has dried completely, spray with 3 - 4 coats of spray sealer.

Say Hello to summer! This watermelon craft makes a great decoration that will add a little extra fun to your picnic.

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