Vintage Teddy Bears

Even odd looking, Old Vintage Teddy Bears deserve to be loved! This poor guy is tattered and torn, but he has a story that makes him very sentimental. Over 50 years ago our Auntie wrote a song about him called "Just an Old Teddy Bear." 

He belonged to my younger brother and they were an inseparable pair. Worn and loved, literally to pieces, eventually my brother outgrew him. Many years later, the bear was sent out to the garage to live. There he got moldy and stinky and needed to be rescued. I was his savior! 

At first, Mr. Teddy sat in a large envelope with a bunch of Downy Unstopables to try to freshen him up. It did help, but he was still yucky. 

Next, came the baking soda and then... he sat and sat. Poor neglected little fellow. He waited and waited to be taken out of that envelope. It was a better home than the musty garage, but still a dreary place to be. After 3 long years of forced hibernation, one day he finally escaped!

Splish, Splash he was takin' a bath..


I'm sure if a collector of Vintage Teddy Bears, saw this, they would be horrified. Please don't yell at me! I wouldn't recomment this.  Most antique stuffed toys, would not survive this harsh treatment.

Right when I wasn't looking, this guy decided he was going to take a bath. It wasn't my idea, REALLY! He was extremely delighted to finally get out of the envelope he had been trapped in. Still too grubby to be in public, something had to be done. 

Actually, I did it. Yes, it was me. I finally decided I would take the chance and try to wash him. I used some liquid tide and lukewarm water. After sloshing him around a bit, I drained the water. The sink was then filled with fresh water to rinse away the soap.

Even though I tried to be gentle, he did have some fur come off. (Just losing a bit of his winter coat.) Except for that, he remained mostly intact. Considering he was in such rough shape to begin with, I thought it was worth the risk. He wasn't about to win any beauty contests anyways.

After washing, he was put in a towel and squeezed slightly to get the excess water out. I then used the blow dryer, but this only dried him on the outside. 


Now, he is cuddled up by the fireplace, hopefully drying out completely. 

His new home, will eventually be in a shadow box. He absolutely refuses to be stuffed back in an envelope!

All Vintage Teddy Bears should be saved, shouldn't they? Even the odd looking, tattered ones need a good home.

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