Vintage Paint

Does vintage paint appeal to you? There are many techniques, to try to replicate the look. It can be tricky, to get it just right, but nothing beats the real thing. Old cities, are the best place to search for these, time worn finishes.

Authentic-vintage-paintThe perfect example of authentic, distressed paint.

Havana, Cuba will be celebrating it's 500th year anniversary in November, 2019. It is a poor country now, but still shows evidence of riches from the past. This is the perfect place, to find old vintage paint. It's everywhere!


There are so many interesting sights to see! You don't have to be interested in the rum and cigars, to enjoy visiting Cuba. 


Varadero, has the fabulous beach and the historical, Club Kawama; the oldest hotel in the city. Opening in 1930, the hotel was originally a private club. Fidel Castro, actually stayed here in 1960!


The capital of Cuba is Havana. The old cars, colorful, weathered buildings, incredible architecture and amazing artwork, are the biggest attractions here.

Throughout the city, you can find numerous places, covered in vintage paint. These are authentic, old, patina finishes. Mother Nature, took years to work her magic and produce these masterpieces. 


The Cuban people, may have been wondering, what I was taking pictures of. They might find it odd, for a tourist to be interested in the rundown, worn out parts of the city. This hunt, involved going down a couple sketchy, side streets. Who would possibly, find such interest in vintage paint, especially when there are so many other sights to see?


The tour to the Fort, near Havana, revealed surprising treasures. The most fascinating was the extremely, rusty old cannon. The paint had been ate away, many years ago, by the harsh, salty, damp environment. Who knew, rust could come in so many shades?

More Vintage Paint 


Continuing on with this unique treasure hunt, I happened to stumble upon more, vintage paint. The ratty old door with the bubbly, crackled finish, was really amazing.  Replicating that finish, would be extremely difficult.


The pink stairway with the dark mold, hid some, but not all of its former glory. 


Faded, yet still colorful buildings, are all over the city of Havana. 


Worn, Chippy paint, reveals evidence of many worn away layers. Look closer and you will see turquoise, orange, yellow and different shades of brown. How many years, did this take to create? 


The rockers on the front porch, probably wouldn't be more comfortable, even with a fresh paint job. It's still a nice place to sit and watch the world go by. 


It's not just vintage paint, catching your eye, when you visit Cuba. There are many talented artists, selling their paintings. 

Cuba has so much to offer, don't just go, for the rum and cigars.  No matter what your artistic interest or abilities, here you will find inspiration, everywhere.

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