Valentines Day Book

This Valentines Day Book is even better than a card. It's extra special because it's unique, and it's handmade. 


Age: 12 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5


  • Large pkg white sculpey
  • Rubber Pattern stamp
  • Letter stamps
  • Pasta machine or roller
  • Exacto knife
  • Sculpting tools (needle tool, small hole making tool, small ball end tool )
  • Darning needle
  • yarn or jute
  • Gel float medium
  • Rag or paper towel
  • Construction paper (pinks)
  • Scissors
  • Small paint brush
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 18 inches yarn
  • Toaster oven
  • Craft paint in:

         Burnt umber 


Condition clay and flatten.

Run a 2.5 inch flattened ball, through the pasta machine. Start on the thickest setting and work down to the #6 setting.


Fold piece over and cut on 3 sides.

Use and exacto knife to cut out a rectangle shape, approximately 4x3 inches. Cut the edges in swooping curves.

Unfold and cut down the fold line. This should make two equal pieces.


Lay one piece on top of the other.

Use a small hole tool to make 3 equally placed holes, on the left side of the page.

Place them 1/4 inch in from the edge. Space top one, 1/2 inch from the top, the bottom, 1/2 inch from the bottom and the middle hole, in the center.

Separate the two pieces.


Use a rubber  stamp with a small leaf pattern (or pattern of your choice.)
Push into the rectangle shape. Flip the other one and stamp the back. The pattern should be stamped on the opposite sides of each piece. Leave the insides smooth, with no pattern.


Roll out a 1.5 inch ball of clay, on thickest setting.

Cut two hearts, one about 2.5 x 1.5 inches; the other 1 x 3/4 inch.

Draw crisscross lines on the bigger heart with an exacto knife.

Use a letter stamp to squish "love" into a piece of clay. Cut out leaving about 1/8th inch space around the edge.

Attach to the heart. 


Push large heart on to front, center of book and the small heart to the bottom left.

Round edges slightly. 

Use end of small paintbrush or ball end tool to make a design around the edge

Bake at 275 degrees F for about 35 minutes. Be careful not to burn the Valentines Day book. Check instructions for the type of clay you are using. Time and temperatures vary, depending on the clay brand you are using. 

Let cool. 


Mix burnt umber paint (brown) with gel medium.

Apply to book and hearts. Make sure it is down in the pattern.

Leave on for a couple minutes and wipe with a damp rag.

Let dry.


Paint the inside of the pages. 

Let dry.

Apply purple paint, mixed with gel medium.

This time, don't push the paint, down into the pattern. Apply only over the top.



Paint the hearts with red paint, mixed with float medium. If you want only a little color, wipe with a rag to remove some of the paint.

Fiddle around with the colors, until you have it how you like. Less purple? More red? 

Putting float medium in the water based paint, gives a stained look, instead of a heavy, solid color. It also increases working time. 


Cut out 10 rectangle shapes of construction paper, slightly smaller than the front of the Valentines Day book.

Use a hole punch to make holes in the construction paper. If you don't have one, use a darning needle.

Line the paper up with the left edge (holed edge). Use the holes in the Valentines Day book, as a guide to poke marker holes in the first page of the construction paper. Once you have marks, move the front, out of the way. Now use the hole punch or push a darning needle through, one paper at a time.


Once you have all the holes, sandwich the paper in between the front and back of the polymer clay pieces. 

Thread needle with yarn or jute.

Put the needle through the back and out the front of the book.

Tie the yarn. The knot can go to the inside or outside, whatever you like.

Now decorate the pages of your little Valentines Day book. You get to choose how. 

Suggestions: Cut pictures and lettering from magazines, use felt pens, stamps, watercolour paints, photos.

Possible Subject:

Top 10 romantic moments

What I love about you

Our Adventures

Photos together

A special poem

Turn the pages into Love coupons.... This coupon entitles you to.....  A kiss, your favorite meal, a back rub, etc. 

Give this Valentines Day book to your Valentine and it's sure to be a keeper.

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