Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

Instructions for Valentine Day Crafts for Kids. These fridge magnets are easy to make.

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5

Supplies for Beaded Heart:

  • red tinsel pipe cleaner
  • red beads with a hole in the center big enough to fit the width of two pipe cleaners
  • white glue
  • cereal box cardboard
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • pen
  • red glitter
  • white piece of paper
  • small paint brush
  • small plastic container
  • water
  • recycled advertising fridge magnet

More Valentine Day Crafts for Kids:

Bread tag hearts.


  • bread tags any size
  • magnet
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • red glitter
  • fine tip red felt pen
  • colored felt pens

Beaded Heart

To make the beaded heart fridge magnet, start with a red tinsel pipe cleaner. Bend it in half so the ends are even.

Add a red bead on to one side. Work the first bead all the way down to the center, at the bend.

Now add a bead, alternating on each side, until there are 57 beads.

Bend each side of the pipe cleaner into a curve and meet in the middle to make the heart shape.

Push both ends of the pipe cleaner through the hole in another bead. Pull all the way through until the center bead is up against the other beads.

Twist the pipe cleaners together and cut off close to the bead. Add a small drop of white glue.

Put the heart on a piece of cereal box board and trace around it with a pen. Cut this shape out with scissors.

Add glue to the edge of the cereal box board and put the beaded heart on top.  If your child can use a glue gun safely this will be quicker than using white glue and then waiting for it to dry. If using hot glue, always have a glass of water handy for dipping fingers.

Use a small container and add a small amount of water to white glue.
Apply this with a small paint brush to the inside, on the cardboard.

Sprinkle on red glitter. After this has dried, shake the excess off onto a folded piece of paper. Pour leftover glitter back into the container.

Use a recycled advertisement magnet and cut into a square. Glue this to the back of the heart.

This can now be put on the fridge. Print a small picture or a special valentine message and tuck it in behind the beads to hold it in place.

More Valentine Day Crafts for Kids

Since the glitter is out, why not try more valentine crafts for kids? This idea is really easy. Here are three ways to make tiny little fridge magnets with plastic bread clips.

Take a plastic bread tag and cut off the bottom edges to form the point for a heart.

Cut the top edges into a curve. (If kids are having trouble with the shape, they can use a fine tipped red marker to make guide lines for where to cut.

First and easiest way to do these is cut the shape and you are done. It is quick and easy to make a whole bunch.  You can use any size and color of bread tags. The longer ones just make larger hearts.

The second way is to decorate with glitter. Add white glue to one side and sprinkle on the red glitter. Let dry and then shake off excess glitter.

The third variation would be to color the bread tags with felt pens and write on them, instead of using glitter.

Glue a small piece from one of those ad magnets to the back and stick these little mini hearts on the fridge.

These don't have to be made into magnets. They can also be used for embellishments on a valentines card.

With some glitter, beads and recycled items, there are many ideas for valentine day crafts for kids. I'm sure once they get started they will be able to think up many on their own.

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