Twig Furniture

There is an easy way to build twig furniture. It's inexpensive and doesn't require a lot of tools. Whether you live in the country or the middle of the city, you can still find twigs and branches to use. Collect discarded branches from spring pruning. It won't harm a tree and it's free! Each piece created will be one of a kind and last for years to come.


Check out the instructions on how to build a headboard.

These can all be made in a simple fashion. Experienced woodworkers may wish to use more complicated, fancy joinery. Since I don't claim to be a pro woodworker, I try to keep things simple. I have my own ideas about how I like to do things. Easy is nice, but I still want something that is sturdy and doesn't fall apart when I use it. The larger branches are joined together using screws. Holes are always predrilled. Small nails are used to attach smaller branches to the larger frame work. Yes, I do realize this is not the typical way of doing things. I have wrestled with branches long enough to know that a hammer and nails in most cases, don't work well for me. It also hurts too much when I smash myself!


Build this twig ladder and then decide what you want to use it for. It can be multi purpose. Change it up, when you get tired of it and use it for something else. It can be a rustic towel rack, quilt rack, clothes hanger, picture or jewelry holder.


Make a trellis for the garden using cedar branches. Attach the branches so they are sweeping off to one side, for this more unusual look.


The country kitchen or at the cabin in the woods, is the perfect place for this rustic wood stool. It even has a branch added near the bottom that is a perfect spot to put your feet.


This table makes a pretty plant stand. It is put together in much the same way as the wood stool, but with smaller branches. It has a faux stone tiled top, instead of wood, to make any spills easier to wipe up.


This wood garden gate makes a nice entrance into a country garden. If this is your first project, make it easier by making the gate, without the lettering.  


I made this seat many years ago. It was one of my very first twig furniture projects. The branches were collected from a construction site, in the city. This was before the trees in my yard had grown big enough to use.

The plans are from the book called "Making Twig Furniture and Household Things" by Abby Ruoff. This is a really good book with specific instructions and diagrams.

The one thing I did different was to use screws, instead of nails. Even way back when, I had to be a rebel. Ha! Actually, anyone those knows me, would know that I am not even close to being a rebel! Quirky? Yeah. Weird? Maybe, a little. Rebel? Not!

If you love sticks and branches like I do, you will want to make something with them. These ideas should keep you busy for a while!

Here's an interesting article on creating Rustic Twig Furniture by Mother Earth News.

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