Tiny Doll

Could this tiny doll get any smaller? I'll show you how to make it.

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 3 out of 5



  • spool of light gauge blue wire
  • pliers
  • Tacky glue
  • Small round white pearl bead
  • Light pink/flesh colored Embroidery thread
  • black or blue felt pen
  • small piece of pink yarn
  • comb

Make a small loop on the end of a spool of fine gauge wire. Go up from this about 1.25 inches and bend over into a V shape.
Go down 1.25 inches and make another small loop so the length of the wire is even with the other end.

Now start winding the wire around itself, working up the V shaped piece of wire. Wind all the way down to the other side.
Turn around and wind another layer up the leg and down to the opposite foot again. Cut wire off and tuck into itself.

Squeeze the wire together at the top of the V. Add tacky glue and add a small white pearl bead for the head.

Double up a wire so it is 1.5 inches long. Make a small loop on each end. Wind wire around the whole length of this.

Cut off, tuck wire in.

Wrap this piece around the body, just down from the bead head.

Make a dress on the tiny doll by wrapping the wire multiple times, only around the body. Make it wider and thicker at the bottom.

Use tacky glue to attach light pink/flesh colored embroidery thread to the bottom of the leg. Start wrapping the thread around the wire,
working up the leg and stopping at the bottom of the wire dress. Keep wrapping until the wire is covered. Cut thread and glue down.

Now do the other leg the same way.

Repeat for the arms.

Cut a very small, fine piece of yarn and comb it out to frizz it. Glue this to the pearl bead head, to make the hair.

Dot on the eyes with a blue or a black, fine tipped felt marker.


This tiny doll can go anywhere. She is so small, she can hide in your pocket!

Here is a challenge for you... Do you think you can make one even smaller than this? If you do, send me a picture, so I can see it! I will even put it on here, so everyone else can see it too. Good luck!

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