Tin Foil Art

Have you tried tin foil art? Here are instructions for creating a colorful little seahorse.

Age: 10+

Difficulty: Medium

Time Scale: 3 out of 5


Seahorses are one of my favorite sea creatures. I've always wanted one.


  • Tin foil
  • Cardboard
  • Green glitter glue
  • Purple glitter glue
  • Glue gun (can do without)
  • tacky glue
  • Stick pins
  • Masking tape
  • Metal spoon

Using the seahorse template, transfer the pattern on to cardboard. Don't worry about any of the details. Those are there just as a guideline for later, when adding the glitter glue.

Cut out the shape.

The idea is to take the one dimensional cardboard and build it up using the tin foil to make it a three dimensional shape. It doesn't have to be built up a lot because a seahorse isn't very thick. If one spot of your tin foil art seems built up too much, you can tap on it with a spoon to compact it down and shape it.

Take two, 2x5 inch pieces of tin foil and crumple into a half moon shape with one side flat and the other curved out. This is for the stomach of the seahorse. It should give volume to the shape.

Hot glue in place, one on each side of the cardboard.


* Please note: The hot glue does not provide much for sticking power. When it is cooled, it peels off. It is fine only to temporarily hold pieces in place. It does not work well for a permanent bond.

Now use a 1x2 inch piece of tin foil and crumple and shape for the cheeks.

Use a small piece of tin foil to wrap the nose. Build up the neck slightly. Wrap the foil around the tail.


When it has enough shape to it, cover the entire seahorse with foil. In this picture, it still needs to be wrapped with one complete layer. The edge of the foil should end so the seam is on the top of the back of the seahorse. This will be covered later, with glitter glue. Stick down the edge with tacky glue.


Another way to do this tin foil art project, is to skip the cardboard altogether and just crumple tinfoil. The cardboard is used as a guideline for the shape.

Small, individual pieces of tin foil (like for the fins) can be glued on with tacky glue and held in place with stick pins, or tape, until dry.

Those pins look like torture! Poor thing.


Use the green glitter glue to draw the lines on the seahorse.

Hold on to the nose while you apply the glitter and you won't accidently put your hand in it.


Use purple glitter on the fins.

Put a small amount on his nose and the rest of his face.

Add the eye with a dot of green and then purple in the center.


Wait until this is dry and then turn over to do the other side, joining the lines where they meet at the front.

Here they are, one with cardboard in the center, and one without.

The one without the cardboard, took a little more time to get the shape the way I wanted it.


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