Therapeutic Art

Thanks to Candi Raudebaugh, Occupational Therapist for her input.

Therapeutic art is creativity for the purpose of learning, coping, and self-expression. Art can be an excellent means of expressing emotions that may otherwise be difficult to recognize and communicate. Some emotions are challenging to talk about, or you may lack the words to express how you feel. Art can bypass the thinking part of your consciousness to allow for a deeper, more meaningful level of expression.

All art can be therapeutic, but some activities are particularly effective for therapy. It isn't necessary to feel like you have to be creative or artistic.

The process is what is important, not the outcome.

Self expression activities include, finger painting, scribble drawing or abstract. It may be to identify and express underlying issues by drawing certain things like a house, a person or family.

It can also include a collage with a theme or sculpting something from clay.

Art can be used for goal setting and making positive changes by creating a vision board or goal collage.

Creating something can be very helpful for improving self awareness. An example of a self awareness craft, is a paper bag collage. The outside of the bag is decorated with things that represent your outside self and the inside is filled with what represents your inside self.

Someone that is suffering from distorted body image could benefit from tracing their shape out on to a large piece of paper. This may give the person a different perspective from what they see when they look in a mirror.

The emotional first aid kit could be used as a good coping mechanism. It is a little box filled with special things to open up and look through when you are feeling blue.

Therapeutic art can be used for relaxation and enjoyment. It can be a good stress reliever and can get your mind off your troubles.

The process of creating something can also be a great self esteem builder. 

Coloring is for adults too! There are now many coloring books to choose from. These range from books with pictures that are large, easy patterns to small intricate designs.

Here are some printable templates, some of which can be used for coloring.

Are you wound up and Stressed OUT? Try embroidery for beginners

This relaxing activity is easy to do, using a couple of basic stitches. 


Can you make craft projects that help relieve your perfectionism disorder


Sewing Patches on your favorite pair of worn out pants is good for the soul! It's Fun, Easy and relaxing!

This is Therapeutic Art at its finest!


This Splatter paint project is a great stress reliever. It is messy but so much fun!

Feeling stressed or grumpy? Try this to improve your mood! It works.

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