Textures in Nature

Get outside and observe the different textures in nature. It is a great way to get inspired when you are having artist or crafters block.

I am really interested in photography and trying to capture things in nature that people often take for granted or may not notice. The camera teaches you after a while, to really look and actually see what you may not have noticed otherwise.


Have you ever taken a picture and saw something later in the picture that you didn't see, when you actually took it? Here is an example of what can happen... The Tucson toupee. This was actually done on purpose but many times similar things happen, unintentionally. After a few slip ups, you learn to not only look through the lens but be aware and actually SEE.

Textures in Nature for Inspiration


While on vacation, I was on a quest to photograph the different textures in nature. Trees and rocks are of special interest to me. There are so many patterns and colors to see. Photos can serve as a record for later reference to get inspired all over again. Natural, outdoor colors and patterns, can trigger ideas for many craft projects. If you are a crafter you will understand how this relates.

Polymer clay jewelry is just one of the mediums that can be greatly improved, when patterns are replicated from the textures in nature.

Homes decorated using natural and organic patterns, are the most warm and inviting.

Petrified tree from the Petrified Forest National park, east of Winslow, Arizona.

Look and take pictures but DON'T touch! Never take any of this home with you. It is illegal to remove any of the fossilized wood. It also may come with consequences you never ever  expected!


Lichen can add extra color and patterns to rocks.

They come in a variety of colors.


Moab, Utah is the home of Arches national park. There are over 2,000 natural arches and miles of hiking trails.

These ridges in this sandstone are from years of wind and rain. 

Learn how the unique geologic formations in Moab were created.


This small piece of driftwood has an unusual pattern. The bark has not yet been completely washed away, by the sea.



Are bugs attacking this poor tree? This may not be from bugs. It might be from a woodpecker, like the one that pecked our birch tree to pieces!


Dried mud takes on the appearance of elephant skin or was I at the zoo and this really was an elephant?


More dried mud but this time with a completely different appearance. Is this a younger elephant, perhaps?


These patterns were created in a sandy wash, after the rain. The orange color of the sand makes the texture stand out.

This is between Page, Arizona and Kanab, Utah.


Hey, where did this come from? Okay, so even if I am not a big fan of winter, it has it's moments. (Most of the time staying indoors and crafting is preferable!)

It looks like Jack frost has been busy painting!


More Textures in Nature


More sandstone shaped by wind and rain.


This is one of the most unique designs that I have seen. This strange, creepy looking pattern looks web like. This must be plant material that became embedded in the rock a really long time ago.

It is amazing to see all the colors and patterns that the earth has created.

Next time you want to make a craft project but lack inspiration, forget Pinterest. Go outside, with your eyes wide open and really see all those textures in nature.

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