Sunflower Craft

This easy sunflower craft is made with craft foam and a Recycled plastic container. Kids can make it for Mothers day.

Age: 8 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5



Felt pens

Sheet of yellow craft foam

Brown plastic container (wide mouth, Vaseline® Cocoa butter container)






How to make a Sunflower Craft

Print out the sunflower craft template, on white paper.  The template will work, if you are using a brown plastic, Vaseline® cocoa butter container.

Hope these guys appreciate the free advertisement! This does work well, for dry skin.


After printing the template, check to make sure it printed the size correctly. Remove the lid on the container and tip it upside down to see if the center piece matches up. If not, trace around the container opening with a pen, onto the pattern, to get the right size. Trace around the opening, not the container lid, or the center cut out on the flower, will be too big.

If you have to use a different container, adjust the center opening to fit.
The container can either be empty or full. If it is full, makes sure it still has the seal on it. If you have to turn it upside down, you don't want to make a mess. 

Put the template over top of a piece of yellow craft foam, and trace the picture with a pen. Push hard enough that it makes an indentation into the craft foam. An alternative is to cut out the pattern and then trace around it with a pen.

Cut this out. Cut out the center piece.


Make sure not to cut the center too big. It has to fit over the mouth of the container, but sit on the edge.

If the container is empty, put something inside. Something from the store, or something homemade, that you know your Mom would like to have. You can make little chore coupons or write a poem, to put inside.

Remove the sticker that is on the lid of the container. This should pull off quite easily.

Did you know that you can pull at the craft foam carefully and add more shape to the petals on the flower? Just be careful not to stretch out the center hole.

Use a felt pen and write on the petals of the craft foam. Write "Mom" on one flower petal, "is" on another. Now, think of different words that describe your Mom and write one word, on each of the petals. Use whatever color felt pen you would like. An example of some words that you might like to use are: Funny, silly, kind, caring, happy, smart etc. Anything that you think describes your Mom.

With the lid off, slip the flower down over the top of the container. The center cut out should sit nicely around the edge, down far enough that the lid can be put back on. Put the lid on and you are done your sunflower craft. Wasn't that quick and easy? 

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