St Patricks Day Craft

Make and wear this little Leprechaun, St Patricks Day Craft and you will be pinch proof!


Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 put of 5


  • Pkg. medium green polymer clay
  • Pkg. translucent
  • Pkg. medium orange
  • Tiny bit of black, gold and light blue 
  • Large, medium and small ball end tools
  • Needle Tool
  • Small paintbrush
  • Jewelry bar pin
  • Pink pastel powder
  • Toaster oven

St Patricks Day Craft

What could be better for a St Patricks Day Craft than a cute little leprechaun? Here's how to make him....

Condition a package of translucent clay, a 1/2 pack of medium orange, pack of medium green and a small amount of gold, blue and black.


Use enough translucent clay to make a 1/2 inch ball. 

Flatten back and round over edges.


Use a medium ball end tool, to poke eye holes. 

Make a smaller than pea sized  ball.

Place on the middle of the 1/2 inch ball, below the eye holes. 


Use a small ball end tool to poke two holes in the bottom for nostrils. 

Use a needle tool to draw on a smiley face.

Make a vertical line under the nose.


Make two small balls for each cheek. Smooth edges in slightly.

Use two very small balls of blue clay for the eyes. Push into the eye holes. Try not to flatten them out, too much.

Is your leprechaun looking a little pale? Use a small brush to apply a bit of colour to his cheeks and nose, with pink pastel powder.


To make the beard for the leprechaun, shape a 1/4 inch, medium orange ball into a triangle shape.

Dip in the top centre, so it is a saggy triangle with elongated sides.

Push onto the bottom of the face. Pull up on the sides for side burns.

Use a small ball end tool to add textured curls onto the beard.


Now, make hair with small pieces of orange clay. Use a small ball of clay, squish flat and pull one end into a point.

Make 4 or 5 pieces and add to the front of the head with the point towards the forehead.

Add lines with the needle tool.
Curl up the ends on two of the pieces, hanging onto the middle of the forehead.

Use tiny pieces of orange clay, rolled into snakes, placed above the eyes for eyebrows. Make tiny lines.

What is a St Patricks Day craft, requirement? It absolutely must, have the color GREEN! Well, it just so happens, every leprechaun, needs his lucky green hat. He may have that pot of gold, hidden under there. They are mischievous little fellows you know!


For the brim of the hat: Start with a large pea sized piece of green clay.

Roll into a snake about half the diameter of a pencil.

Measure to make sure it will fit all the way across the top of the head and down the sides.

Wrap across the head, just above the eyebrows.


Now, roll a 1/4 inch ball of green clay into a snake, about pencil diameter.

Place on top of head and behind brim. Curve and shape the sides.

There may be a slight gap on the sides of the head between the brim and the top of the hat. Use a small piece of clay to fill in this gap.

Smooth the brim and the hat together and then make a crease between the two, with the edge of the needle tool.


The headband for the hat is a small piece of black clay, rolled into a tiny snake, then flattened to about an 1/8th inch wide.

Push on the hat above the brim.

Make a little buckle for the hat, with a tiny snake of gold clay, bent into a square.

Place on hat band.

Finishing touches:

Add a couple creases on the outer edge of each eye. Soften the edge a bit more on the cheeks. Lighten up the makeup, if it is a bit heavy.

To get rid of the buggy eyed look, push some of the clay from the cheeks, up under the eyeballs to make a bottom lid. Use a small piece of translucent clay for a top eyelid. 

If the clay is quite warm, there may be some small, rough edges and gobby spots. These can be smoothed out with a Q-tip that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol. Use just a little, or it can smooth things out TOO much, removing details you didn't want removed! 

The black pupil in the eyes, can be made with either two itty, bitty black balls of clay or painted on, after baking.


Now you can turn this St Patricks Day craft into a cute, wearable piece of art....

Use a bar pin on the back of the leprechaun head.


Roll a small piece of orange clay into a pea sized ball.

Squish to flatten.

Hold the bar pin vertically, on the back of leprechaun head, with the wide part of the pin down. 


Carefully push the piece of clay, under the pinning part of the pin, across the wider, pin bottom. 

Don't squish the leprechauns face!

Smooth the clay onto the back of his head, to secure.

Set, face side up, on baking sheet in a preheated toaster oven. Bake according to the directions for the clay you are using. (Instructions may vary.) 


If you don't have any green clothes to wear, just pin this guy on your shirt. Poof... You are pinch proof.

Lucky the leprechaun is a fun and easy, St Patricks Day craft. It's sure to make St. Patrick's day, extra special. He may not tell you where to find that pot of gold, but he can save you from getting pinched!

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