Spooky Hands

On a tight budget? Make spooky hands for Halloween that are cheap, fast and easy.

Age: 10 +

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5

spooky hands


medium gauge wire or wire coat hangers

wire cutters


tin foil

cardboard tube from tin foil

masking tape

Battery operated dollar store candle (if you want to display it this way)

Spooky Hands How To

Cut a small foil wrap cardboard tube in half. Tape across the ends with 3 layers of masking tape.

Now cut 5 wires, 7 inches long, from medium gauge wire or wire coat hangers. If the coat hangers you need are in use, hang the articles of clothing on an unused treadmill or an empty door knob, for now. Better than the floor, right? I figure any item required is fair game, even if it is already being used for the intended purpose. Go ahead, raid the closet, no one will ever notice.

Poke 4 wires evenly spaced, through the tape, across the center of one end of the tube. Adjust the length of each finger by pushing the wire into the tube. Little finger 5.5 inches, ring finger 6.5, then 6.75 for the middle finger and 6.5 or slightly shorter for the pointer finger. Use your own hand as a reference.

Tape the 5th wire, which will be for the thumb, lying flat against the outside of the cardboard tube. Bend this wire out slightly. Trim to approximately 4.25 inches. Right now the fingers may seem long but part of this will be the hand.

Add a piece of tin foil, halfway up and squeeze on to the wire. Now use small pieces to wrap each finger and thumb. Wrap the cardboard tube. Crumple small pieces and add to the knuckles. Bend the wire to add shape to the fingers.

Wrap with about 3 layers of masking tape, squeezing and slightly crumpling the tape to add wrinkles and texture. The more time you take with this, the better it will look.

add wire

Now make another one and you will have a set. Make sure to put the thumb on the opposite side so you will have a right and a left hand.

How will you display these? Use them on their own or holding a candle, mug or a book.

Oh, remember the coat hangers you had to cut up, leaving your clothing without hangers? Well, I just thought of something...
Maybe those spooky hands can somehow be adapted to hold clothes. What would your guests think? Here's your coat, what's your hurry?

What an interesting Halloween closet that would be!


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