Splatter Paint

This Splatter paint project is a great way to take out your frustrations. You can go from a bad mood to a good one, in no time flat. It is messy, but so much fun and it's a great stress reliever.

Age: 4 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 1 out of 5



  • Various color craft paints. Bright colors look better.
    Example: Bright pink, yellow, blue, orange
  • paint brushes different sizes (round one seems to work best)
  • small container for paint
  • small container for water
  • light colored poster board or canvas board
  • large sheet of plastic
  • old clothes
  • paper towel

How to Splatter Paint

First off I must say, this is an outside project! I tried doing this in the house because I told myself I would be careful and I wouldn't make a mess. That was a BIG mistake.  I did try to be careful but the paint still ended up everywhere. I won't do that again. This went from a fun way to get rid of stress to a house cleaning extravaganza. Not what I was intending. Take it outside.

This is kind of the same as painting with good clothes on and thinking you aren't going to mess them up. I do that all the time and I wreck my good clothes! Maybe I just won't buy any new clothes and then I won't have any to ruin. Put on some old clothes or use new ones and tell yourself you aren't going to wreck them. (But you will).

If you are renovating and if you are feeling really brave, you could
turn your kids loose and let them paint a wall in their room.

It is much more fun to do this outside because you can fling the paint everywhere and it won't matter. Well, almost. Don't do it close to where you or the neighbor has the mercedes parked. Paint can fly 8 feet or
more in all directions.

This splatter paint project isn't just a summer time craft either. I went out in the winter and did mine. I didn't need to put down a sheet of plastic to protect the grass, because right now it is under two feet of snow.

If you don't want paint on the grass or snow or the area where you will be doing this splatter paint project, put down a large sheet of plastic. Lay a piece of poster board down flat on this. The larger the piece of paper the more splattering and flinging you can do.

If there is a spot on the paper you would like to have not covered with paint, you can rip a piece of newspaper so the edges are jagged and tape over that area.

Put some craft paint in a small container and some water in another. Dip the paint brush in the water and give it a bit of a shake. Now dip it into the paint. Flick your wrist and fling the paint at the paper. SPLAT! The marks will look different, depending on the way you are holding the brush and the type of brush you are using. 

A round brush seems to work better and holds more paint. You can also make blobs and drizzles by loading up the brush with lots of paint. Hold it straight up and down over the paper and shake slightly. If the paint is too thick, dip the brush into the water first.


Using a small brush with stiff bristles and running your thumb over the bristles will make small, dot like splatters.

Use various colors, rinsing the paint brush between each color change.

If you are doing this outside in the winter, after you are done painting you will have to bring it in the house to dry. If the weather is good and it is warm, leave it outside, until it is dry. 

The next time your kids are bored or having tantrums, get them to do a splatter paint project.

This is the craft that suits all ages, abilities and moods.


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