Sock Monkey Hat

This sock monkey hat is an easy crochet project. The pattern comes in sizes newborn to adult. Turn your adorable baby into a cute little monkey and make a hat for yourself, too. People will be sure to see the resemblance and know you are related!


It's so nice to find a free pattern with various sizes. I have discovered, head shape can vary a lot and not just the size around.

sizing-crocheted-toqueDan Monkey Man

When trying the adult size on my husband, I became very perplexed. What kind of sock monkey hat pattern was this, anyways? The hat pulled way down, over his eyes! What? How could this be? It actually wasn't the pattern at all! My husband is an anomaly. He says he must just be, pretty level headed.

It has taken 40 years for me to realize, the length from the top of his head to his eyes, is shorter than what must be average. There is an optical illusion that occurs, making it seem like he has a long forehead. It may have something to do with a receding hairline. SHHH! Don't tell!

Make sure your sock monkey hat is a great fit by checking the size of your head. including the length, from the top of your head to your eyebrows.

If you have a small head, the teen size will be a better choice, instead of adult. This size fit me well and was not only the right size around but also the right length. Guess what? Even this size was too long for hubby!


This is TOO small for Dan the Monkey Man but...

The baby sized, sock monkey hat is so adorable!

This can even be used on dolls. It is a perfect fit for this vintage doll, from my childhood.


Don't think you have to stick with the traditional colors. Try something different. Replace the red with pink and make it into a breast cancer survivor hat. 

I made one and it is going to a special cousin, who is battling cancer. Hopefully it makes her smile!

How to Make a Sock Monkey Hat

I bet you are wondering where you can get this free crochet pattern!? I appreciate the knowledge that gets shared on the internet. It is hard work, writing up tutorials and sharing them. It is VERY important to acknowledge the creator. You can get the free pattern at:

This is so cute, one sock monkey hat, won't be enough! Make a hat for everyone in the family. I'm not sure about you, but my whole family needs one. We are all bananas here!

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