Snowman Ornament

This paper mache snowman ornament can add some cheer to those dreary winter days.

Age: 12 and up

Time scale: 2 out of 5 (not including drying time)

Difficulty: Easy




  •  2 inch styrofoam ball
  • cereal box board
  • skewer stick
  • celluclay (if you don't have celluclay you can just do paper mache )
  • water
  • plastic container
  • light gauge wire
  • large empty sewing thread spool  (this is for the hat. If you don't have this you can use cereal box board instead)
  • small paint brush
  • pencil or pen
  • scissors
  • glue gun/sticks
  • white glue
  • white snow glitter (if you hate glitter, skip this and antique instead. Use burnt umber craft paint, mixed with a float medium)
  • red ribbon  1/4 inch wide x 5 inches long
  • craft paint in:




  •  Spray sealer

How to Make an Easy Snowman Ornament

Use the sewing thread spool to push a flat spot into the top of the 2 inch styrofoam ball.

This is where the hat will be placed later. Check the fit.


Break off a 2 inch long piece of the skewer stick and poke into the ball, about an inch deep, for the nose. (Place about halfway down the center of the face)


Draw a 2.5 inch circle on the cereal box board. You can use a glass, a glue bottle or anything else the right size, as a guide.

Cut this out.


Glue the spool to the center of the cardboard circle, using the hot glue gun. This will be for the hat. *If you don't have a spool, make the hat from a piece of cereal box board. Cut a 2 x 5 inch rectangle, roll it up, overlap ends and hot glue it. Glue it to the 2.5 inch circle. Cut a smaller circle for the top of the hat.


Cut a piece of fine gauge wire to 6 inches long. Loop around and twist the ends together.

Glue the wire to the top, center of the spool.


Mix up about 3/4's of a cup of celluclay with a small amount of water. If you don't have celluclay, you can just do paper mache using newspaper strips. (It will just look a bit different.)

Cover the spool and cardboard brim. Add a slight bend to the brim, to add some character to the hat. While it is drying, you will have to watch that it doesn't curl up too much.


Add a thin layer of clay to the styrofoam ball.  Make sure to keep that flat spot, on the top of the ball. The hat will be attached here, later.

Add a thin layer of clay to the skewer stick to make the shape look more carrot like.


If you are having trouble smoothing the clay, add a bit of water to your fingers, to keep it from sticking. Still not working? Is the celluclay too dry? It can be a bit finicky, getting the consistency just right. Chances are, if you are having a lot of trouble working with it, that is the problem.

Let the snowman ornament dry. Tic tock, tic tock, tic tock. While you are waiting, you could always start on another one. This is where I have to start on another project, to avoid the temptation to fiddle and wreck something! You will probably have to let this dry over night, no matter how impatient you are. Drying is good. Impatience is bad!

Paint the hat, using black craft paint. Leave a bare spot, on the underside. You will be applying glue later, to attach the hat to the head of the snowman ornament. Glue adheres better to an unpainted surface.


Paint the head white, leaving the flat spot unpainted.

After drying, apply hot glue to the unpainted spot, on the hat and attach it to the flat spot on the head.

Add 2 parts water to 1 part glue. Coat the head and then sprinkle with white snow glitter.

Use orange paint for the nose.

Let dry.


Cut a 1/4 inch wide piece of red ribbon 5 inches long. Hot glue around the hat, next to the brim.

Use the end of a small paint brush, dipped in black paint, to add two dots for the eyes and five for the mouth. Add two tiny white dots to the black dots, that are the eyes.

When dry, apply two coats of spray sealer. This will help keep the white glitter intact, instead of ending up all over the house and all over your hands and face. Unfortunately, the spray sealer does seem to take away some of the sparkle from the glitter.

Really, don't most people probably have a love/hate relationship with glitter? If you have no love at all for it, you can actually just leave it off. It will look cute without. An alternative is to antique the snowman ornament, using burnt umber paint mixed with a float medium. Maybe you will want to do one of each?

This lovable character doesn't have to be just for the Christmas tree. He will be happy to hang around, all winter long!

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