Snowman Christmas Craft

This snowman Christmas Craft is a last minute, multipurpose idea. This is a fun Christmas eve activity. Use any size clothespin and some paint. Get it done lickety split. 

Use as an ornament on the tree or as a gift bag closure. 

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5


  • wooden clothespins any size
  • 1/4 inch paint brush
  • liner brush
  • craft paints:


           light blue   





Use whatever size wooden clothespin you like. Keep in mind, the smaller one will be more difficult to paint. 

Snowman Christmas Craft 


This really is fast and easy. It will need one base coat of white craft paint, on both sides and the open end of the inside.

Let dry. This shouldn't take very long since the wooden clothespin soaks up the paint. 


Add an orange, triangle shape carrot nose, down about 1/2 inch from the top of the clothespin. Make sure this is the top, squeezy part, not the pinchy part. Why, you ask? If you paint the pinchy end you will have an upside down snowman Christmas craft. This guy will be forever ungrateful, if he has to spend the entire holiday season, upside down! Now, I am contemplating if a snowman on his head will get an ice cream headache... minus the cream part. Would that be called an ice headache? Oh, never mind.


Dip the handle of a small paintbrush into black paint and dot on the eyes. Don't worry if the eyes aren't the same size. If your paintbrush doesn't have a small enough handle, use a toothpick or skewer stick to dab the paint on. Did I ever mention,  skewer sticks are one of my top, must have, craft project tools? I use them a lot! It is especially handy when making this snowman Christmas craft.


Add even smaller dots for the mouth. Work around the nose. Make sure to curve the mouth up slightly. He is smiling and very pleased that you didn't paint his head on upside down. You didn't, did you?


Paint a red scarf on, just below the mouth. Watch out for that big nose! Paint the sides of the clothespin, so the scarf is wrapped around.  At this point the scarf looks more like a big ugly bow. We will fix that up, in just a bit. Let the scarf dry, first. 


Add 3 black dots for buttons down the front. I did the last button just above the metal spring on the clothespin. You may decide he needs another button. This is your own snowman Christmas craft, so add another button, if you like.

After the dots have dried, add an even smaller dot of white paint. Do this to the eyes and mouth too.


Now, lets fix that scarf! Use a liner brush to add small lines to the scarf with yellow and then green paint. Use the same colors to paint a fringe on the bottom of the scarf. If you are painting a really small clothespin, this will be a bit of a challenge. The finer your liner brush is, the better. 


Mix a small amount of light blue and white paint together. Paint it on the edges of the snowman Christmas craft. The blue color adds to the cold look and also dresses this guy up a bit. 

This may sound a bit counter productive but he may need toned down a bit in some spots. Dress him up, tone him down... WHAT? The white is so stark looking! Mix a bit of water with brown paint and rub it on here and there. Just use your finger, if you want, adding only a small amount of paint. (Too much and he will just look dirty). 

Now, you can paint the other side of the clothespin too. 

These cute little snowmen will be happy just hanging out on the tree. They are also great for clipping gift bags closed to keep snoops from having a peak, before Christmas is here!

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