Skeleton Bones

How to make cheap 5 minute skeleton bones. Really fast, done in a flash! Even if Halloween is almost here, you still have time to make something spooky. Don't worry, it's not too late!

Age: 10 and up or younger if they get help with the glue gun

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale : 1 out of 5




hot glue gun/glue sticks


masking tape

burnt umber (brown) craft paint

small paint brush or use your finger

paper towel

How to Make Easy Skeleton Bones


Roll a newspaper that is about six sheets thick, to about 3/4's of an inch around. Cut off excess.

Tape with masking tape to keep it from unrolling.

This can now be cut in half, to make two bones or left the width it is, for a longer one.


To make one: Rip a piece of tinfoil about 8 inches wide. Do four of these. Scrunch into balls. Make two slightly larger than the other two.

Longer bones will need to have balls that are a bit bigger, so use a bit more tinfoil for these.


Hot glue two balls to each end of the newspaper roll. Use one that is slightly smaller with one that is a bit bigger, together. Squish and pinch the tinfoil, to get the right shape.

You could use balls of newspaper instead, but the tinfoil is easier to shape. I would rather crumple tinfoil than newspaper, any day. Maybe even chew on it! Does that make your teeth hurt? I don't like the feeling of the ink from the paper getting on my hands! It bugs me. Even rolling the newspaper is YUCKY!! There is an alternative for that too. Instead of rolled up newspaper, you can use the cardboard tube from the tinfoil!


Now start wrapping with the masking tape. Do about three layers. Squeeze and shape as you go. Don't worry about getting the masking tape perfectly smooth. It looks better if it is a bit wrinkled.

Running the last layer of masking tape lengthwise down the skeleton bones, will look better than wrapping around and around. There will be less tape edge showing that way.

Okay, if your 5 minutes are up, you can call it quits OR you can now add a bit of paint to age the bones. Cover with burnt umber paint and then wipe with a damp paper towel. Let dry.

This is so quick and easy you must be ready to make a whole skeleton!

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