Seashell Picture Frame

If you collect seashells, this seashell picture frame is a good way to display them. Add a holiday beach photo for a reminder of a special vacation.

Age: 12+

Difficulty rating: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5



  • shells in various sizes
  • glue gun/hot glue
  • picture frame
  • vacation picture
  • Spray sealer

Seashell Picture Frame Instructions

I love to collect shells but after getting a lot, it is hard to find ways to display them. When they are put in a box, never to be seen again, it seems pointless to have them.

This idea can be used on a picture frame or even around a mirror. Both would work well, in a room decorated in a beach theme.

To make your seashell picture frame, use the frame of your choice with an edge at least 2 inches wide. A 5x7 frame is a good size to start with. Any bigger and you will need a lot of shells.

Start with shells that are larger and more flat for the bottom layer. If you have shells that aren't in perfect conditon, this is also a good place to put them. If shells are interesting or unique I sometimes keep them, even if the edges are broken. The broken edges can be covered up with other shells, as they are layered on to the frame. Broken pieces also make good filler, for the underneath layers.

Hot glue the shells in place, some facing up and some down. Make sure that you glue them on randomly and not all in a straight line. Put some hanging over the inside edge of the frame. Do around the whole frame. If you are using some broken shells, make sure to place them so the broken edges can be covered later.

Now put smaller shells on top, where the bottom shells join together and in the small spaces. Cover any broken edges, with other shells.

Add small bits of moss, tiny shells and even little pieces of drift wood. Adjust the pieces and glue in place to cover all of the frame.

When finished, cover glass with a piece of paper, or remove it from the frame and spray on two coats of sealer. When dry, add a vacation picture. Replace the glass, if you removed it to spray on the sealer. Now it is all ready to hang up on the wall in your beach themed room.

You still didn't use up all those shells? Why not make a seashell mobile?

Learn about different types of seashells here*.

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