Sculpey Teddy Bear

Make this cute little sculpey teddy bear with these easy to follow instructions.

Age: 10+

Difficulty Rating: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5



  • Sculpting tool
  • Skewer stick
  • tin Foil
  • Toaster oven
  • two, 6/0 black glass beads

Sculpey or Fimo in:

  • Medium brown 1 oz.
  • black, very small piece
  • red, small piece, less than pea size

Instructions for Sculpey Teddy Bear

This is made with Premo Sculpey®. This is from the Polyform Products Company. I like using this clay because it is easy to work with. It doesn't have to be worked a lot to get it soft. There are different brands of clay and even different types that are the sculpey brand. Use what you prefer.

Start by conditioning a 1 oz. package of medium brown clay.

Use a piece of  polymer clay to make a 1 inch ball for the body. Form into a tear drop shape and flatten slightly on the bottom of the wide end.

Add a line across the front, part way down, to shape the tummy.


Roll a marble sized piece of clay into a snake about 2 inches long. Cut off two pieces, 1 inch long.

If you want this guy to have longer arms, you can cut the pieces longer.

Stick the arms on the body and bend slightly at the elbows.


Use a half inch sized ball and roll into a snake, slightly smaller than the thickness of a pencil. Cut to 1 1/4 inches long, for the legs. Bend up, an 1/8 inch from the end, for the feet.

Attach the legs to the body, of the sculpey teddy bear.


Take a marble size piece of clay and shape into a head. Make eye holes, a mouth and snout on the bear. Add holes for the nostrils.

Put a small amount of black on the end of the nose.


Use two, small pea size pieces of clay and shape into ears.

Attach these to the head.


With a skewer stick, make a foot pad and toes.

Add 6/0 black glass beads to the eye holes. Push in fairly deep. Add more clay around the eyes if they look too big.


Poke a hole in the belly to make a belly button.

Make a tiny heart from red clay and put on the left side of the chest.


Bake according to manufacturers directions for the type of clay you are using. For Premo Sculpey® the directions are to bake at 275 F for 30 minutes per 1/4 inch thickness.

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