Santa Crafts

Ideas for making your own, one of a kind, home made Santa crafts.

Age: Adult

A bit too time consuming for kids but could be simplified

Difficulty rating: Medium

Time rating: 4 out of 5

Learn more about paper mache if this is your first project.



  • white glue
  • masking tape
  • newspaper
  • Cereal box board
  • paper mache paste *recipe here*
  • red tissue paper
  • green tissue paper
  • wire
  • snow tex
  • paint brushes
  • craft paints flesh tone, pink, blue, black, gold
  • tin foil
  • Cotton rag
  • celluclay
  • 1 inch wide old black belt. Substitute: black craft foam
  • small ziplock bag
  • toothpick

Take a whole sheet of newspaper about six papers thick and wrap into a funnel shape. Tape closed with masking tape.

Cut newspaper about an inch down from top. Cut bottom to straighten. Crumple newspaper and put inside. The finished height should be about a foot high.

An inch down from the top, poke a hole using the end of your scissors and run a fourteen inch long piece of wire through to the other side. Make another hole for the wire to go through. Bend down to the sides. These will be for the arms. Tape to hold in place.

Paper mache three layers on to the funnel shape. Roll newspaper pieces into small tubes and tape. Slip over the top of the wire for the arms. Put a bit of a bend in the newspaper and wire where the elbow joint should be. Paper mache these with two layers.

Roll an eight inch square of newspaper double thickness into a funnel shape for the hat. Tape and cut the bottom off even.

Roll some tin foil into about a one and a half inch ball for the head. Paper mache over these with a couple layers. Let this dry completely then add two to three more layers.

When this is completely dry hot glue the head on to the top of the funnel shaped body. Glue hat on to head.

Now add details to the face of this santa crafts project with celluclay. Mix it up and put it in a small ziplock bag to keep it from drying out.

Use a small piece to make the eyes and set them aside to dry. When the eyes are dry, paint them. Do the whites of the eyes, let dry and then paint the irises. Dry, then dot a black pupil, using black paint on the end of a toothpick. Add the eyes on to the face and then sculpt the eyelids around them. Shape nose, and lips for the face using basic sculpting tips.

I have used sculpey when making some Santa crafts but for this one, celluclay was used. Daas clay or any air dry clay may be substituted. Don't put the beard or hair on just yet, only the facial features.

Form mittens on the ends of the arms by cutting out mitten shapes from cereal box board and gluing on ends of wire. Cover and shape with celluclay or the clay that you have chosen to use.

When this is dry, brush white glue that has been watered down slightly on to the body, hat and arms. Put red tissue paper on and gently push down with paint brush. Brush more glue over top.

Wrinkles are fine when making this because they add texture. Try not to tear the tissue paper. Do three layers. The newspaper print shouldn't be showing through anymore. For the mitts do the same thing but use the green tissue paper.

When this is dry, use watered down black paint and blackwash by painting on and then carefully wiping off with a damp cloth. For more on this refer to blackwash under painting techniques.

When this is dry remove the newspaper from the inside. Do two layers of paper mache inside. When this is dry, paint black.

Now paint the face using flesh tone paint. Use a Q tip to paint some pink rosy cheeks. Paint the lips.

After this is dry use snow tex and make the beard, moustache, hair, eyebrows, coat and hat edge. Leave a blank spot on the front of the coat where the belt goes. When snow tex is dry, glue belt on.

If using black craft foam for belt, cut one inch wide and long enough to go around the belly. Cut a piece for the buckle and paint with gold paint.

Glue on, but make sure if using a glue gun, that it isn't too hot or it will melt the craft foam.

For this santa crafts project, I also included a walking stick, lantern and teddy bear. You can add the accessories of your choice.

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