Santa Craft Ideas

Check out these Santa craft ideas. Pictures of one of a kind handmade dolls.

Age: Adult

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Time Scale: 4-5+

General list of Supplies (will vary):

  • Polymer clay and or celluclay/paper mache
  • tin foil
  • blue craft paint
  • pink powder blush
  • White craft paint
  • Various material for clothes
  • Cotton material for body
  • masking tape
  • wire clothes hanger

  •  white wool for hair
  • skewer stick
  • small paint brush
  • needle
  • thread
  • fiber fill
  • white glue
  • hot glue gun
  • toaster oven for baking clay

This is made with paper mache and tissue paper.

He is holding a teddy bear that has been needle felted.

In the other hand he has a paper mache lantern.

There are instructions here*. 


Forget about the traditional red suit. Come up with more original Santa craft ideas.

This guy is dressed in burlap and he is riding one of his reindeer.

This uses polymer clay and paper mache.


A crow for a ride!

This project used celluclay over a styrofoam base.

The beard is snow tex and the face is polymer clay.

This is from a pattern but varied slightly.


This was made for a Norwegian friend of mine.

Known as Nisse he is a little gnome. He sometimes plays tricks on people, if they don't give him his bowl of porridge.

His face, hands and shoes are polymer clay.


Mr. and Mrs. This is one of my favorite Santa craft ideas.

I think they are the perfect couple. He has his naughty and nice list. She has her bowl full of cookies.  



This was made using a pattern from a Santa magazine that Better Homes and Gardens use to issue yearly.

I really miss this magazine because it always had many good ideas in it. 


This was also from the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. 

I added a polymer clay face, instead of having a painted on cloth face. The face was made from a mold and glued on to the material.

The skates are painted material with wooden blades glued on to the bottom.


The baker. The Mrs. must be on strike!

The face was sculpted using polymer clay, over a tin foil base.

Hair is made from wool. Pieces of wool are wrapped around skewer sticks and wet down slightly to make the curls.

He even has eyelashes! Can you guess what they are made from?

Get out the magnifying glass!

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