Recycled Crafts

Have fun making these frugal, recycled crafts.  Find out how to use items you will find in your recycle bin. Cardboard, plastic containers, cereal boxes, magazines, can all be used to make interesting and unique craft projects.

Paper mache makes great use of those newspapers, that never stop showing up on the doorstep. Cardboard and plastic are useful for creating forms to build over.

Make a tree shaped lamp, from a cardboard wrapping paper tube and paper mache. Use the wire and socket from a broken lamp, destined for the trash, but rescued.

How to Make Recycled Crafts

Magazine pages can be rolled up and used to make little chairs and other doll furniture.

Would you like to know how to make this magazine roll paper craft chair?


Use styrofoam from packing material, or scraps of styrofoam insulation, to make homemade halloween decorations, like this sign. This idea can be used for inexpensive birthday party and halloween decorating.


Try recycled crafts, like this easy bead project.

Use magazine pages, or left over scraps of wallpaper, construction paper or gift wrap.



Make this chalkboard art menu from an old recycled griddle.


This decoupage craft is a great way to recycle.

No one would ever guess this bracelet is made from cardboard, tissue paper and white glue.


This decoupage drawer liner is made from a map that was previously used on a road trip.

This is a memento with function!


This decoupage project uses a packing tray and tissue paper to make a nice, catch all dish.


Use cereal boxes to make this faux fireplace.

This is a great recycled crafts project.


Okay, so I'm not going to tell you how to build this one, but it is still worth a look.

This horse sculpture by Dixie Jewett is an incredible work of art that will make you rethink your definition of junk.


See how to make a pillow using Dad's old worn out blue jeans.

This makes a great, personalized Father's Day gift. 

Best of all, there is no sewing involved!


East Jesus is the strange, Junk Art community near Niland, California. 

Here's a sneak peak into what you will see on your visit.


Learn How to make a Terrarium using a large pickle jar.

Bonus feature *See pictures of the Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona. This is the Mother of all terrariums.


This Magazine crafts idea would make a great school project.

Make a miniature replica of the log cabin, that Lincoln was born in.


Tutorial for a DIY photo frame.

Be delighted in results that can only come from using authentic barn board.


Double Dip with Twice the Tutorial! Two projects in one.

Make cardboard look like rusty, corrugated tin AND learn how to make a photo mat


Here are instructions for making plastic bag crafts like a beach bag or a purse.

Crochet together for a strong and durable tote. A smaller one can be made and used for a purse or a larger one makes a great beach bag.


 Here is a recycle art project using styrofoam, cardboard and tissue paper. The look of chiseled stone and copper but light weight and inexpensive to make.


This recycle craft uses bread tags to make an Easter Bunny.

Easy to make with limited craft supplies.


Visit this Unique place near Niland, California.

Learn about Leonard Knight's message from Salvation Mountain.



Make Steampunk projects like this birdhouse.

This uses a plastic bottle and odds and ends out of the junk drawer. I knew I could put that stuff to good use!!


How to strip wire and recycle the copper to use for craft projects.

Cheaper than buying copper wire from the craft store.


If you have scrap pieces of yarn left over from another project, you can use it to make hair for dolls. Just comb the yarn out and it goes fuzzy. This works well for hair on some of my needle felting projects.

This is Frazzle, with his frizzy hair!


For an Easter basket, instead of buying the shredded paper for filler, why not use left over scraps of wrapping paper and run it through the paper shredder?

Plastic grocery bags can be crocheted together, to make a tote bag.

Some other recycled crafts can be made, using old pantyhose. Use it for making a soft sculptured doll. You can also use it to make wings, for a fairy or dragonfly.

Carpet tubes can be used to make legs for a chair, on a paper mache throne.

A carpet tube, painted with red and white stripes, can be turned into a north pole sign for a Christmas decoration.

Lumber wrap can be used to make props, a maze and large facades.

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