Recycle Craft

This is an easy recycle craft for kids, using bread tags, felt pens and a pair of scissors.

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5



  • 3 white bread tags (one slightly longer than the other) 
  • fine tipped felt pens in grey, light pink, dark pink, black and brown
  • tacky glue
  • scissors

Recycle Craft with Bread Tags

Since I have a whole jar of plastic bread tags, I thought I should put them to use. There are some cute ideas out there for decorating them up. With a pair of scissors you can go a step further, to create different critters.

These instructions will show you how to turn those bread tags into an easter bunny.

Younger kids may be able to do this as long as they are able to handle sharp scissors and have good hand strength, for cutting. 

Outline the shape for the ears and head using a grey fine tipped felt marker on to a white bread tag . I used a black felt but only so it would show up in the picture. If it doesn't get cut off, it will show the black outline which doesn't look that nice.

For this project, if you have one bread tag that is slightly longer than your other ones, use this one. It will give a little extra length for the ears.  One ear is left curved in, following the curve on the top of the bread tag. The other one is straight up. Round the bottom to shape the face. 

Now make a line on another tag that is narrow at the top and bumps out one side, partway down. This one will be for the back legs and the tail. 

The other bread tag needs to be trimmed down quite a bit. Make it quite a bit smaller. This is for the front legs.

Use scissors to cut around the outline, on each of your pieces.

Attach the pieces by gluing with tacky glue.

Place the back legs on the bottom. Put the front legs on top and then the head on top of that.

After this has dried, draw the face on using fine tipped felt pens.

One of mine has a dark pink nose and mouth, light pink inner ears, black whiskers and brown eyes. The other one has grey whiskers. Make a bunch and change the face, to give the Easter bunny different expressions.


Now what should you do with it? This recycle craft can be more than just a little doodad, hanging around the house. Make it into a fridge magnet, glue it to a popsicle stick for a bookmark or use it for an embellishment on a card.

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