Puppy Costume

Don't have time for a fancy getup for Halloween? This puppy costume can be whipped up in no time. Most of the items needed, you probably already have on hand.

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5



  • Face make up in white (cream tube) 
  • brown and black makeup in stick or solid form
  • black eyeliner pencil
  • Pantyhose
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • brown thread
  • fiber fill
  • Brown overalls
  • Brown shirt
  • brown mini gloves
  • brown boots or shoes
  • Two hair elastics
  • comb
  • hair spray
  • cornstarch or baby powder
  • powder puff
  • narrow belt or large dog collar
  • leash

Halloween can be a fun time for kids, but for parents it can sometimes be downright exhausting. The decorations, the costumes, the candy. The kid that doesn't know what they want to be or the wishy washy one with a million ideas, that can't decide.  Maybe you are the one that has waited until the very last minute and decided dressing up sounds like a fun idea.

Suddenly, Halloween has crept up like a black cat on a mouse hunt. How did this happen? It is now down to the wire, so you either rush to the store and pick from leftovers or start rummaging through your closet.

This puppy costume can be thrown together in a flash, from your stash. Forget about buying an expensive outfit.

If you happen to live where it can get really cold on Halloween night, make sure to use items that can be worn over top of a coat. Here, it has been -30 on Halloween, so we ALWAYS wear costumes that can accommodate a nice warm, winter parka. Yes, it really can be that cold here, even in October.  One of those bitterly cold years was October 31, 1984. Oh, the woes of living in the cold frozen north. Yuck! 

Puppy Costume How To

Start off with brown overalls and a brown shirt. If you don't have brown overalls, use any brown clothes that you have. Some clothes will look better than others. Flannel P.J's or a onesie will also work well. If you don't have something suitable, take a trip to the second hand store, to see what you can find. You should expand your wardrobe anyways, if you can't find something in your closet that will work.


Cut the leg off a pair of pantyhose and stuff it slightly with fiber fill or crumpled newspaper. Swoosh... You now have a tail. Sew to the rear end of your overalls. If you are in a super duper big hurry, just use a safety pin to hook it on. Hopefully, no one will want to pull your tail!

I would actually recommend hooking the tail on a little lower than the one here. This is what happens when you get someone else to hook it on. It ends up in the middle of your back for some odd reason. 

Put on your brown shirt and overalls BEFORE applying your face makeup.


If you have at least medium length hair, part it in the middle and put a ponytail up fairly high, on each side of your head. Back comb and shape your hair to resemble dog ears. Add hair spray to hold in place.

Not enough hair? Cut triangle or half moon shapes from brown felt and hot glue to a headband. 


The makeup is what is really going to bring this very simple puppy costume to life. You don't have to be a makeup artist with major talent or need expensive fancy makeup to get this to look good. It's so EASY! I have to admit, I did make a much better puppy, 30 years ago. The makeup looks a lot better on a nice smooth, unwrinkled face.

Start with the white face makeup. Use the kind that comes in a tube for a smoother application. Apply to all of your face and neck, except for the end of your nose, an area around one eye, a spot on the opposite cheek and a small irregular shape, on your forehead. 


Fill in all the empty spots, except the nose, with brown makeup.

Use the black makeup on the end of your nose.

Now use a black eyeliner pencil to make a vertical line, straight down from under your nose to just above your mouth.  

Draw a line just above your lips, curled up slightly at the corners.

Add small black dots above this line.

Sorry about the missing picture. It turned out awful, but isn't this a great pic of my nostrils?

When all the makeup has been applied, use a powder puff covered with either baby powder or cornstarch and pat down your entire face.

Cut a narrow belt (or whatever you have that looks puppy costume worthy) to length so it can be put around your neck for a collar. If you have a large dog, you can always steal his collar, instead of cutting up your belt.

Attach a leash.

Speaking of the leash... I'm sure you can find someone that would just love to lead you around!! If you are going with a partner, maybe they could dress up as the dog catcher. Is that a politically correct term anymore or do I have to say "Animal Control Officer"?

Put on your brown boots and mini gloves, grab your treat bag and go beg for treats! You will look so adorable in your puppy costume, you will probably get extra!

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