Printable Templates

Here are free printable templates, for making various craft projects or to use as coloring pages. Use them for the projects outlined here or for your own ideas.

This Bee Mine Valentine is an easy Valentine Craft for Kids.


The dragonfly template can be used as a guideline for making the paper mache dragonfly. If you have never done paper mache before, this is a good one to start with. There are three different ideas on what to use to make the wings.

The dragonfly can also be used for a pattern for window clings.


No need to make a trip to the woods, when you can use the birch bark printable to make plain paper look like real birch. It just takes the click of a button!


There is a butterfly printable template, also for window clings. This is an easy kids project. It can be simplified for younger children by leaving out some of the pattern on the wings.


Make a cardboard craft Christmas garland with this Gingerbread man pattern.

Giant sized for extra Christmas cheer!

The castle template can be used to help make the design on a German Papermache Beer Stein.

Go to the  Free Craft Patterns page, to print these pictures.

They are the perfect size for a soap carving project.

The magazine crafts project has a miniature log cabin template  to make it easier to do. This pattern can also be used for making gingerbread houses.

Make a Who loves you Owl for your Valentine with the owl craft template.

More Free Templates


The Moose/Beaver and Maple Leaf Templates can all be used to make the Great Canadian Tic Tac Toe Game.

The seahorse pattern has been provided for making tin foil art. Transfer the picture on to cardboard, wrap with foil, add a little glitter and you are done.

The seahorse would also work well for other projects. In the future, I plan on making many more seahorses, using different mediums. On my list of things to do, is a larger version of this, in paper mache. If I only had more time, I could get more done!


Here is a sled pattern to go with the tobogganing polymer clay snowman.

This snowman pattern is for a mini hot water bottle cover. It can also be used to make a pillow.

Here is a stained glass window template for creating Christian Easter crafts like a faux stain glass window. It is an easy kids project using wax paper and felt pens.

Use the sunflower craft template to make the sunflower craft. This project is made with a recycled plastic container and craft foam. Great for a Mothers Day gift.  


Under recycled crafts, there is a Japanese symbol pattern for Tranquility. Really, that IS what it says...I think. Now, I have you wondering what it really does say, don't I? Don't leave to go check elsewhere. I'm pretty sure that is right, even though I am not Japanese. Maybe I will hear something different later and unintentionally cause controversy, but I hope not!

I read on the internet that in translation, it can actually say cheap. This was on the subject of getting it tattooed on. Since I don't know if this is true and since it isn't for a tattoo, I don't think it should be that big of concern. So, my recommendation for this is, don't use this pattern for a tattoo.

If you look closely at the pictures, on the recycled crafts page, you will see that the printable template has been revised and is different from the one I used. I have really done my best to have it say "tranquility" but I am not going to guarantee it!

This project uses styrofoam and cardboard to make a plaque. It has the look of carved stone and copper. It is easy and inexpensive to make.

Making halloween party decorations? There are instructions for making bats, with a bat wing pattern included. This is a quick and easy kids craft project.

If you are making the suncatcher craft you might want to use the heart Zentangle template.

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