Polymer Clay Ideas

Use these polymer clay ideas to make a one of a kind necklace pendant. Check out what is used to create textures and color.

Age: 12 +

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5



  • Sculpey® original (white) or another brand. Enough for a 1 inch ball is plenty
  • sculpey liquid bake and bond®
  • blue ink pad
  • butterscotch alcohol ink
  • Q-tips
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • cutter
  • pasta machine  (use a roller if you don't have one)
  • small paint brush
  • medium blue pearl ex® powder
  • small tinsel pipe cleaner
  • small wire brush
  • needle tool
  • ball end tool
  • 6 dark blue glass seed beads
  • Future liquid floor wax
  • tin foil
  • baking pan
  • toaster oven

 Instructions for Polymer Clay Ideas

Condition about a 1 inch ball of white sculpey®. Run through the pasta machine working your way down gradually to about a #5 setting.

Add blue ink from a stamp pad, randomly on the piece of flattened clay. You can use a small stamp to apply the ink.

Roll into a ball to partially mix to create a marble affect. Don't over mix.

Flatten with your fingers and then run the clay through the machine again, but only in one direction.

You should have a piece that is an oblong shape.

Cut the top off, at an angle using a cutting blade.

Cut the sides off straight and the bottom slightly angled.

If you want the shape different from this one you can cut the angles however you like.

This is about an 1/8th inch thick.


I covered a baking sheet with tin foil and worked directly off this. I won't have to try to lift the piece off my work surface and rip it or stretch it out of shape. It can be left in place and baked, because I'm not adding any texture to the back. The color can be added to the back, after baking.

There are many different polymer clay ideas that can be used to make your own completely unique piece. Cut, poke, squish and texture it. Just play around with it and see what you come up with.

Originally this was going to be a piece that was stamped with a flower design. I didn't like it so I squished it and rolled it up. I do a lot of that. If something isn't going right, I take great pleasure in giving it a thump with my fist. Sometimes starting over is the best thing to do. What I came up with after starting over, I like much better than what was taking shape with my original plan.

There are many household items that can be used to make different textures. Dig in the junk drawer and see what polymer clay ideas you can think of. Crumpled tin foil can add a leather look. Plastic netting can make reptile skin.

A wire brush can add texture that makes a coral looking finish. You can find a whole list on the Sculpting tools  from household items page. 

Use a small wire brush to add texture all over the surface, on the front.

Now add a slight curve to a piece of tinsel pipe cleaner. 

Position it from near the bottom left corner, up and across the other side at an angle. Push it into the clay.

Use a ball tool and add six   indentations just above this.

Now push the ball tool into the side of the outer edge, all the way around the pendant.


Pick up the seed beads, one at a time with a needle tool and push into the center of the indentations 

Add a small amount of liquid sculpey to the center of the beads to help hold them in place.

Poke a hole in the center near the top with the needle tool.


Make some crisscross lines with the needle tool at the top left side.

Put a few drops of butterscotch alcohol ink onto the piece. Pick up your baking sheet and tilt it around to get the ink to run into the indentations.

Wipe off excess ink using a Q tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.

If the color isn't dark enough in the textured areas, add more ink directly to these spots.

The idea is to have the ink make the texturing more visible.


After the ink has dried add blue perfect pearls® around the edges.

Bake the pendant in the oven according to the manufacturers directions for the type of clay you have used. There are a lot of polymer clay ideas that can be used with all brands. Some projects are more suitable to a certain type. In this case it doesn't really matter. You may not have used the same brand that I did. Each brand and type of clay can have different baking times and temperatures. Make sure you don't over bake. Over cooking produces toxic fumes!

After baking and cooling, turn over and apply ink to the back of the piece. Let dry.

Add 2 coats of future floor wax on the front and back to seal. Drop it on to the pendant and carefully move it around with a small paint brush. Don't rub it too much or the ink will start to smear and come off.

When it is dry you can attach a metal ring through the center hole and hook it to a chain to make a necklace. If you decided to make a broach instead, you can glue the pin to the back now.

I hope you now go on to discover more polymer clay ideas. There are so many possibilities!

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