Polymer Clay Creations

Get inspired with these Polymer clay creations!

This is the third year in a row, I have attended the Tucson Gem and Bead show. Once again, the purpose of the trip is to take classes from Christi Friesen. They are very reasonably priced and always fun and easy.

Are you shy and easily intimidated especially in a classroom situation? Me too. You won't find a better teacher, to make you feel more comfortable.

Although, one of my favorite mediums, my polymer clay creations are usually sporadic. All the supplies get put away and I get involved with other craft projects. The trip to Tucson gets me going again.

Here's what I made:

A tiny little jellyfish in a bottle


How to Make Dragonflies

This was a FREE class!


Butterfly votive


Tiled tin


After class, I brought out my supplies. I had hauled them from home, all the way to Tucson. Now, I could make more polymer clay creations.

It is fun to try out the new techniques learned in class and come up with your own ideas. The more you do, the more ideas come floating into your head. The best part is, if you don't like what you made, squash it with one swift blow and start again. (This part can be very therapeutic, especially if you are having a bad day.) Play all day long, if you want to. The clay won't harden, until you bake it.

Okay, so I didn't make this one.

I did buy the awesome rubber stamp that makes this pattern.

Christi cleaned out her studio and had a big sale. I bought this amazing bracelet. It was made by applying patterned clay to a metal blank. I was a bit worried I would lose it, after it came flying off. It was too big around, because my wrist is REALLY small.


What would happen if I tried to squeeze the bracelet to make it smaller? This turned out to be no problem at all. Christi adjusted it for me, since I wasn't about to try giving it a squeeze and possibly damaging it. Now it fits perfectly, thanks to her expertise. She explained that Sculpey Premo will remain slightly flexible, when baked properly. No need to worry about it cracking. I always thought that a brittle piece was the result of over baking, but it is actually caused by under baking.

This whole thing, ended up teaching me a very valuable lesson; the importance of a thermometer in the toaster oven. (Not just to avoid burning, which was the problem with my OTHER toaster oven.) I've heard it a thousand times and even given the advice myself. HA! Imagine that, following my own advice. At times my polymer clay creations were brittle and I have struggled with baking times. Turns out, my toaster oven was out to lunch. I guess melting cheese on a bagel doesn't require an accurate temperature, but baking polymer clay does. This toaster oven was 70 degrees cooler than the actual setting. Finally, the secret to how to make polymer clay creations, more durable! 

After our trip to Tucson, we headed for Phoenix area to settle in for a couple months. Hopefully, I would have more time to make craft projects and also try some of the new things, I had learned.

More Polymer Clay Creations

Another tile box. This one was completely covered, including the sides.


This seascape has a background using the same technique as for the votive.


A Double sided necklace pendant. 

I came up with this idea, using one of Christi's rubber stamps. Flexibility is the key!


Another rubber stamp idea...


I had the opportunity to make some polymer clay creations, with our new neighbor, eight year old Kayla. Kids are such fantastic participants. They have such great imaginations and are able to create, without the fear or worry of doing something wrong. It is amazing what you can learn from a child. It is all about having fun.

Kayla's creations

We spent all day, stamping, cutting and powdering and came up with some really pretty pendants. Kayla exclaimed "I'm just crazy about this stuff!" The stamps and shiny powders were her favorite. 

It wasn't very long and I had more participants attending Craft days. Anabelle is only five and she also Loves making polymer clay creations.

If you tend to over complicate, over think, over worry, over do it, things may not be so fun anymore. It can also snuff out creativity! Taking classes with Christi Friesen and creating with kids, is a great combination to make craft projects fun again. 

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