Polymer Clay Angel

Here are instructions with pictures, for making this little polymer clay Angel.

Age: 12 +

Difficulty: Medium

Time scale: 3 out of 5



Polymer clay in:

  • 2 oz. package white
  • 1/2 oz. yellow
  • 1/2 oz flesh color
  • sculpey bake and bond
  • 15 inches of Wire
  • heavy duty sissors
  • floral tape
  • tin foil
  • 2 tiny blue seed beads
  • needle tool
  • ball end tool
  • clay extruder
  • small paint brush

Craft paint in:

  • metallic pearl white
  • pink
  • Black

Polymer Clay Angel How to

Fold over a piece of tin foil in a strip about 1.5 inches wide by about 4 inches long. Roll into a cone shape.

Cut a piece of wire about 4 inches long. Wrap it around the foil shape, down about 1/2 an inch from the top. (the small end is the top.) Twist the wire together in the back. Bring the wires forward on each side.


Trim so they are about halfway down the length of the cone shape. Wrap the foil shape and the wires with floral tape. 

Use a 3/4 inch ball of white clay, flatten and wrap around the tin foil shape. Add more clay on the wire arms.

Use a marble sized piece, flattened down, on the bottom of the cone shape.

Add folds and lines. Pull down and flare out at the bottom to make a dress.

Bend the arms forward and add two tiny balls of flesh colored clay on the ends of the wire for the hands.

Push the hands together into a praying position. Make lines for the fingers.

Add thin pieces of clay around the bottom of the arms, to make cuffs on the sleeves of the dress. Blend in with the rest of the arm.

Use a piece of flesh colored clay that is a bit smaller than marble size for the head. Add bake and bond and attach to the body. 

Make eye holes in the head with the needle tool. Use a small ball end tool to make holes for the nose.

Make a line for the mouth. Use a small ball end tool to push up on the top of the mouth to make lips.

Use blue seed beads and push into the eye holes.

Use a clay extruder with small holes and push the yellow clay through. Wrap pieces, one at a time around the needle tool to make curls. Start at the bottom and work your way up the head of the polymer clay angel.


This is quite time consuming To save time, you can gather together the extruded pieces in a clump. They can then be added to the head in bigger pieces, instead of one curl at a time.

Cut a piece of wire 8 inches long. Twist ends together and hook at the center, top of the wire.

Bend the wire into a wing shape.


Wrap with floral tape. Bend back slightly in the center.

Cover the wire with white clay.


Take tiny pieces of white clay and add to the front side of the wings to make feathers. Use the needle tool to add extra lines.

Make lines on the back of the wings too.  It isn't necessary to add the small pieces on the back.


Add bake and bond to the middle piece on the wings and attach to the back of the polymer clay angel.

The ends of the wings should be slightly touching the work surface.


If they seem too long, add more height to the polymer clay angel, by adding clay to the bottom of the dress and reshaping it.  

Cut a wire 3 inches long and bend the top inch around into a circle for the halo. Push the end of the wire down through the top center of the wings and then into the body.


Bake in the toaster oven according to the instructions for the clay that you are using.

When the polymer clay angel has cooled, add pink paint to the cheeks. 

Dot pupils on the eyes, with black paint.

Paint the dress with metallic pearl white, to make her really glow.

She is now finished and on duty!

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