Plastic Bag Crafts

Here are instructions for making plastic bag crafts, like a beach bag or a purse. Use up all those plastic bags, that you don't know what to do with. If you know how to crochet, then you can do this. Just use grocery bags as a substitute for yarn and you can make useful, inexpensive items.

All these measurements are easily adaptable, to the size of tote you want to make. This is a good size for groceries. When crocheted together these are strong and durable. A smaller one can be made and used for a purse.  Larger ones make great beach bags.

Age: 12+
Difficulty: Medium
Time Scale: 4 out of 5


  • size j OR 6mm crochet hook
  • Approximately 100 plastic grocery bags
  • scissors


How to Make Plastic Bag Crafts

For this project, start by folding a grocery bag in about a 3 inch wide strip lengthwise, over and under all the way across. Cut off handles and the bottom seam.

Cut into 1 inch strips across,
to make loops.


Hook loops together into a slip knot. Pull to tighten, with both sides of the bag even.
Use about 100 plastic grocery bags.
Wrap the strips into a ball.


For the side of the tote, crochet a chain of 40. Double crochet in each of these chains. Do 24 rows.
Make two of these pieces, one for each of the sides.

Chain 16 or as wide as you would like your bag to be.
Double crochet in each chain about 84 rows.
This is for the length of the bag.


For the handles, make 2 chains, 7 stitches long, or the length you wish. Decide if you would like to put the strap over your shoulder or hold it with your hand. Make into a comfortable length, for you.

Double crochet in each of these chains. Attach the handles by crocheting or slip stitching on to the wide sides of the bag.

Crochet the front and back pieces on to the sides or slip stitch together.

The seam can be done on the inside or the outside, depending on the look you prefer.


Make other items, like a floor mat.

A mat can be made square, rectangular, oval or round.


Lots of crochet projects can use recycled bags as a substitute for yarn. This is a great way to reuse all those bags and turn them into something useful.

What ideas can you come up with?

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