Photo Craft Ideas

This is one of the photo craft ideas that can turn a picture into what looks like a painting on canvas.

Age: Adult

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 3 out of 5 not including drying time



decoupage paste like mod podge or similar (I used ArtMinds)

foam paint brush

8x10 canvas

mirror image of a picture on plain paper from a laser printer (like from staples)

spray bottle with water

rolling pin or brayer

damp rag

I am not sure where this originated so that I can give the proper credit. (There are many tutorials for this.) Mod podge does have a photo transfer paste you can use but I did not use this. Most of these tutorials use that. Some also use liquitex. I didn't have either of these products. I used ArtMinds brand decoupage sealer in a matt finish because it was cheaper than mod podge.

White glue that has been slightly watered down would probably have worked just as well and would have been even less expensive. This is something I plan on trying in the future.

Use a picture that has been flipped to a mirror image, printed on plain paper using a laser printer. I took my picture to Staples and copied it at the self serve copy machine. It cost .39 Cents for an 8x10 picture.  Using an ink jet printer will produce a finished image that is not as clear.  

First apply a coat of your decoupage paste onto the canvas using a foam brush. Let this dry for about 15 minutes or so. It doesn't have to be completely dry, just not really sticky.

Now apply another coat on to the canvas. This seemed easier to me than trying to apply it to the picture and flipping it over to put it on the canvas. Put the picture face down onto the wet canvas. Roll the picture using a rolling pin or brayer to get out any air bubbles. Wipe up any of the paste that squishes out from the edges of the picture, using a damp rag.

Now, for the hardest part (for me anyways)... let this dry overnight. Walk away, leave it alone, LET IT DRY!! This requires that thing I don't have much of, that thing called patience. Please congratulate me, I think I deserve it. I did walk away and I did let it dry overnight. Miracle of miracles.

The next day I make a bee line to get this finished. There are so many other photo craft ideas, just waiting to be completed! I guess I should have been working on them while I was waiting for this to dry.

Use a spray bottle and spray water all over the canvas. Let it soak for about 20 seconds or so.

Start at one side and roll the
paper off with your finger. Rub carefully so only the paper comes off and not the ink. The picture at this point will still look cloudy but will be visible. After getting the thick paper off you will need
to spray with water again. There will still be a thin layer of paper over the picture.


Use your finger and go over the picture in small circular motions. Be careful not to rub too hard. Slowly the picture will become more clear.

This is one of those photo craft ideas that is almost like magic. It really works, without that fancy photo transfer decoupage and without the liquitex.

Any cloudy spots are because there is still a thin layer of paper on the picture. Let it dry a bit and they are more visible. You should also be able to feel the paper by running your finger across the picture. I had to go over the picture probably at least three more times after removing the thick layer of paper. When the paper is all off, let it dry completely.

After drying, use a foam brush to apply a coat of decoupage paste over top of the picture.

The affect you get should now look more like a painting rather than a photograph. For a more vintage look, use a black and white photo or even one done in a sepia color.

I am pleased with the finished results. This has turned out to be one of the best photo craft ideas I have tried.  I had my doubts about how well this would work, using products that were different from what were suggested.

Hopefully I can find the time to do more. This was fun and easy!

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