Paper Mache Dragonfly

This paper mache dragonfly project is easy to do with limited craft supplies. Just use paper, wire and paste.

Age: 12+

Difficulty: Medium

Time Rating: 3 out of 5


  • newspaper
  • paper mache paste recipe
  • tissue paper, pantyhose or sheer fabric
  • masking tape
  • craft paint in the colors you choose
  • Glitter glue
  • wire

Paper Mache Dragonfly How to

Twist up a 6 x6 inch piece of tissue paper to make the body. You will want it smaller than the finished size. Make sure it is quite small around. When I made my first one, it ended up way too big around. It ended up in the Craft Wrecks pile!

Wrap this with a layer of masking tape.

Section off the head and the body by wrapping wire tightly around these parts, to separate them.

Paper mache with two layers and let this dry.

Roll two small balls and paper mache for the eyes.

When dry, glue the eyes to the head.

Shape two, 10 inch long pieces of wire into wing shapes. Do two more using an 11 inch long piece of wire.

You can use this WING TEMPLATE as a guideline.

Hot glue shear fabric on to the back side of the wings. Trim to shape.

Set the wings on wax paper and use watered down paint (1 to 5 mix) to add color to the fabric. Dab it on with a paint brush in spots, letting it run. Use a couple of fairly light colors, in green and blue.

Poke a hole in each side of body just down from the head for the wings. Put the wires into the holes and glue.

Add two more layers of newspaper on to the body. Let this dry.

Add sparkle glue for the design on the wings.

*Alternative for making wings: Use pantyhose over wire or decoupage tissue paper on to wire, using watered down white glue. I used tissue paper on mine but I think that the sheer fabric or pantyhose would have made a more realistic looking wing. I have used sheer fabric to make wings in the past and it is probably the best material to use.

Paint the paper mache dragonfly with green craft paint. When this is dry, sponge on lighter green.

Blackwash over this for added depth. Brush on highlights with bronze paint.

You can hang this on the wall by gluing a pop tab to the back, for a hook.

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