Paper Easter Basket

This cute little, paper Easter basket, may be small in size but it's big on personality. It's just right for an American girl doll owner or anyone that likes miniature items. You can also use the same technique to make this, any size you like.


Age: 12 and up

Difficulty: Medium

Time scale: 3 out of 5


  • Magazine
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • pencil or pen
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun/ hot glue sticks 
  • Light brown and medium brown paint (If you want the painted version.)
  • 1/2 inch paint brush

How to Make a Paper Easter Basket


Start by removing the pages from a magazine. Pull out from the middle staples, so the width is two pages, together.

Rip pages in half down the center line. Now rip each page into thirds, the long way. (Vertically)

Use a glue stick on the inside of a strip of paper.


Roll the page the long way. Start at one and begin twisting, gently at first to prevent the paper from ripping.

Leave 1/2 inch at one end, not twisted.

Make 15 of these twisted pieces.


Draw an oval shape, measuring about 4.5 long by 3 inches wide, onto a piece of paper. 

Trace this shape, twice onto a piece of cardboard. 

Cut out the two oval shapes.

This can be made without the cardboard bottom, but this is a much easier version. 

In Jamaica, the resort we stayed at had basket weaving courses. The teacher started weaving the bottom, which happens to be the hardest part. This simplified version, with a solid bottom, is not only easier, it is also much faster to make. Since this is made from recycled magazines, there is also no trip into the jungle to gather supplies. (This is the part the Jamaican teacher, really hated. He didn't like snakes!) 


Hot glue 15 single magazine rolls, 1/4 inch in from the edge, spaced evenly around the oval shape.

These are the spokes that you will weave around.


Hot glue the other oval piece of cardboard on top, so the twisted pieces of paper are wedged in between the two.

Bend each of the "spokes" upward. 

Now, make the longer weaving pieces. Twist a strip and add another one to the end, glue and twist together. Continue, until you have a piece of about 5 or 6 lengths. Make about 6 of these.


Hot glue one of the twisted pieces, around the side, against the bottom edge of the basket. Do not weave this piece in and out.

Attach another strip just above this piece, to one of the spokes.

Begin weaving over and under, all the way around. When you get to where you started, bend the remaining length up slightly, to begin another row. Use hot glue, here and there, to help secure the pieces.


Now keep weaving,  starting opposite from the one below.  

When the length of twisted paper, runs out, connect more together and continue on.

Hot glue in place.

Keep working your way around and around, over and under.

Finish off when the paper Easter basket is about 4 inches high. Tuck and glue the end in place. 

Cut the spokes so they are about 1.5 inches longer the height of the basket. Tuck them to the inside of the basket, through the weaved pieces.


For the paper Easter basket handle: Hook paper strips end for end and then cut to approximately 18 inches in length. Make two.  

Twist these two strips together.

Use glue stick glue to hold the pieces together.

Tuck and weave one end into the inside, at the half way mark. Bend over and tuck the other end in, on the opposite side.

Hot glue the ends in place. 


If you have used a colorful magazine, to make your paper Easter basket, you may not want to paint it.

Finish off the inside cardboard bottom, with a magazine page.


The other alternative is to paint this with brown craft paint.

If you add a small amount of watered down, white glue to the paint, the paper Easter basket, will be more durable.

Let dry.

Fill the tiny paper Easter basket with goodies, like mini eggs, jelly beans and small chocolates. This may be small, but it will hold just the perfect amount of treats.

Happy Easter!

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