Pallet Projects

The popularity of pallet projects is through the roof right now. These ideas range from quick and easy, to beautiful handcrafted furniture. 

We actually built a deck from pallets nearly 30 years ago, when reusing pallets was pretty much unheard of. People are now becoming not just more frugal but also more environmentally conscious.  What could be better than being able to use free wood, instead of making an expensive trip to the lumber store?  This wood is full of character, so that's an added bonus.  

Not all pallets are safe to use but there are many that are.  Check the stamped codes. HT means heat treated and is generally safe. DB is  debarked and is also safe.


Where do you find pallets? As they become more popular, they become more difficult to find. They are still available in many places for free.  Find them at the lumber yard, motorcycle shops and hardware stores. They even have them at Canadian Tire, if you are a Canadian. (One of my favourite "Oh Canada" stores.) No, you don't have to chase the Canadian Tire truck through the mountains.   


Some stores will put wood scraps in a container marked “free”. Don't just assume that all pallets are free for the taking. Some places reuse them and taking these ones, will be stealing. If in doubt, just ask.

Occasionally you may come across a pallet that is a really heavy duty one. Not all are created equal.


You may even be lucky enough to find some fancy ones made from tongue and groove boards. These are a bit thinner and tend to crack more easily, so be gentle when dismantling!


Making pallet projects does not always involve hours of prying and hammering.  Use a jigsaw to cut the wood, in between where it is nailed. No prying needed!  

Instructions for Making Pallet Projects

Home Tweet Home birdhouse instructions.

This double decker is for the birds. It was only up for one day and they were already trying to nest in it!


Always losing your keys? No place to put them? Make this key chain holder and finally get organized!

I will also tell you how to do this crackle finish paint job. It is way more economical than using the craft store crackle medium.


Would you believe that this Monster in a Box was made using a chainsaw?


This pallet art board is used to display pictures.

It has a special quote : "Family... All because two people fell in Love."


This Red Neck pool is made with pallets and a tarp. Unfortunately, my cousin had to learn the hard way, if I say I'm not going in, then I'm just NOT! So sorry, cousin.


Check back soon. I'm busy right now, working on more craft projects made from this recycled wood.

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