Paint Techniques

Here are some paint techniques to turn your craft projects from ordinary to extraordinary. Use water based acrylic craft paint for all of these.


This is one of my favorite. It can transform a craft project into a great piece of art. Use a blackwash, after you have painted all the other colors on your craft project. When your main coat is dry, use paint that has been watered down. The ratio should be about four parts water to one part black paint. Paint this on your project and leave it for about a minute. With a damp cloth wipe it off. This works especially well on objects that have a lot of texture. The black fills in the indentations and adds depth. Try it, you will be amazed at what a difference it can make.

Dry brushing:

Dry brushing is used to add highlights. Put your paint brush in light colored paint and then wipe the excess off on to a piece of paper towel. Now gently brush on to your project.


Use a floating medium for this paint technique. It is a clear product that acts as an extender. Mixing four parts floating medium to one part paint makes craft paint more like a stain.


This also uses floating medium. Mix it with brown paint. Put it on a painted project, let it sit for a minute or two and then wipe with a damp cloth.


Mix equal parts paint, water and latex glaze. Dab a sea sponge into the paint mixture and apply to the project. With a another, damp sea sponge, soften the paint lines. Now brush lightly over with a dry paint brush to soften more. With a liner brush or feather, draw veining with a lighter color and then soften this with a dry brush.


Paint the base color on your project. For a dark base, sponge on a light color. If it is a light base color, then sponge on a dark color. Dip a sea sponge into paint, then on to paper towel to remove excess. Now apply to project, dabbing lightly. Using paint mixed with glaze will give a softer effect and extend drying time.


Start with a light colored base coat. When base coat is dry, mix water, paint (darker than base coat) and latex glaze in equal parts. Roll on to craft project. With damp cheese cloth, start dabbing the paint off. When cheese cloth is covered in paint, rinse and continue. For a different effect use plastic grocery bags that are crumpled up instead of cheescloth.


For this paint technique, use watered down paint on an old toothbrush. Put paint on the brush and pull the bristles back with your thumb. The paint will splatter on your project.


Use a scruffy brush and load with two colors. Pounce up and down. This is used to paint grass, flowers or trees.

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