Owl Crafts

Make Owl Crafts like these "Who Loves You?" Valentine cards, with a printable template.

Three different versions for various ages and abilities.


For version #1:

Print, color and cut out paper pattern.

small amount of gluing

 Age: 6 and up

Time Scale: 2 out of 5

Difficulty: Easy (This is the easiest of all three)


#2 Slightly more difficult:

What's involved: Tracing, cutting, gluing.

Age: 8 and up

Time Scale: 3 out of 5

Difficulty: Easy


#3 Harder, more time consuming

Print pattern, cut, trace and lots of gluing. This is the hardest of the owl crafts.

Age: 10+

Time Scale: 4 out of 5

Difficulty: Medium

 Instructions Owl Crafts Version #1


Lightweight, light colored construction Paper

Printed template

wax crayons


2 -1 inch paper fasteners

black felt pen


white glue

Print the owl craft template on to a light colored piece of construction paper.

Use crayons to color all the pieces. It is easier to color them BEFORE cutting them out. It doesn't matter if you go out of the lines either! You can color these whatever color you like but here is how I did mine:

The large heart shape, light pink. The small heart shape dark pink.

The outside of the circle, yellow. The body and wings brown. The small triangle shape, which is the beak, orange.

Cut out all the pieces.

With a black felt pen, color in the pupils of the eyes. Write "whooo" on the left wing and "Loves You?" on the other. On the small heart, write "I do".


Use white glue to attach the large heart to the head, for the face.

Now, add the circles for the eyes, where the X marks are.

Glue the small triangle on the center of the face, for the beak.


Poke a small hole in the top center of each wing, about an inch down from the top edge. OOPS! This picture is cardboard and we are doing the paper owl craft right now! No matter, the position for the holes, are the same.

Position them on the front of the owl and use a pencil to mark on the body where they should be attached.


Push a paper fastener through each hole on the wings and spread fastener apart, on the back.


The small rectangle piece from the pattern needs to be folded acordian style.

Glue this to the small heart. When dry, glue to the chest of the valentine owl. Push the paper down and close the wings.


Check to make sure the wings cover the heart.

When the wings are opened outwards, the little heart should pop out.

Version #2

#2 Slightly more difficult:

What's involved: Cutting, tracing, gluing.


Age: 8 and up


Time Scale: 3 out of 5


Difficulty: Easy


paper with printed pattern

construction paper

craft foam pink, yellow, orange or pick the colors you want.

2 paper fasteners


pen or pencil

black felt pen

yellow feathers

white glue

Cut out all the pieces from the printed template. Use a pen or pencil to trace all the pattern onto

craft foam. (Except for the rectangle piece and the small heart, which should be from contruction paper.)

The body is yellow for this one, but make him the color you like..  He can be pink with purple polka dots if you want! Using a lighter color for the large heart shape for the face, usually looks better.

Now, follow the rest of the instructions from version one. This version uses craft foam, instead of coloring on paper.

Glue small pieces of yellow feather to the head and a bit larger ones to the bottom edge of the wings.

Fluff him up more, by adding more feathers.

Version #3

Print pattern, cut, trace and lots of gluing. This is the hardest of the owl crafts.


Age: 10+

Difficulty: Medium

Time Scale: 4 out of 5




printed pattern on white paper

Cereal box cardboard

light yellow contruction paper


paper fasteners

small heart sticker

yellow craft foam

small piece of orange craft foam

package of brown grouse feathers

white glue

hot glue gun/sticks (only if child can handle this. Use at your discretion and supervised)

black felt pen

Quarter (the money kind)

Print the pattern out on regular white paper. Cut out the pieces. The wings, eyes and the body of the valentine owl are all traced onto the inside of cereal box board.


The large heart is drawn onto a piece of consrtuction paper.

The inside small circle for the eyes, onto yellow craft foam. Draw the smaller inside circle by tracing around a quarter. Color a smaller circle inside this with black felt pen.

Copy the triangle shape out on orange craft foam.

Cut out all the pieces.

Use white glue to attach the large heart on to the face. Glue on the eyes.

Place a heart sticker on the inside top of the chest on the owl.

Attach the wings the same as in the version 1 instructions.

Glue feathers all over the wings using either white glue or the hot glue gun. Only older kids should use a glue gun. It is VERY easy to burn your fingers!

Start at the bottom of the wing, and work your way up, overlapping the feathers slightly.

Cover the head of the owl, but leave the heart shaped face bare.

Move the wings outward and glue small, finer feathers on the body. Make sure that they won't interfere with the movement of the wings.

They should still be able to move freely, to cover the heart on the chest and then open, by pivoting outwards to reveal it hiding underneath.

So, there you have it. Three different versions of these owl crafts, using the same template.

All ready to send a special message to a loved one, on Valentines Day. Whoooooo Loves You???? I Do!

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