Needlefelted Ornament

Instructions to make this easy snowman needlefelted ornament, to hang on the Christmas tree.

Age: Over 12 years

Needle felting needle is very sharp and somehow manages to find your finger at least once, sometimes more! Be careful!

Rating: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5



  • Needle felting needle
  • foam block 4x6
  • Carded wool orange, black, white, blue see further instructions for amounts of each
  • wire ornament hook
  • small black beads for eyes and mouth *alternative use black wool instead
  • buttons or black wool
  • small sticks

Have you read the needle felting how to and bought your supplies so you can make your own needlefelted ornament?

This is a great project to start with because it is small and won't take much time to complete. The round shape also makes it easy to do. You will learn how the needle reacts with the felt, to form the shape. After doing this, you can then move on to projects that require more details.

Needlefelted Ornament How to

Start with a piece of wool about an inch and a quarter long. Roll into ball.
Needle felt into round shape, for the bottom of the snowman

Next, use a piece of wool an inch long for the body.
Roll to shape and needle felt to make the ball firm.

Now use a piece three quarters of an inch. Repeat. This is for the head.

Make a nose by taking a small amount of orange and rolling into a cylinder shape. Needle felt. If it is too big, trim to size with scissors. Attach to the head by needle felting it on.

Use a piece of black wool about an inch long. Roll and shape
into a cylinder shape. Needle felt this.
Make the hat solid. Add the brim using a small amount of black, around
the cylinder shape.

Attach the hat to the head.

Use about an inch of blue for scarf. Stretch out, to make the piece no more than a quarter of an inch wide and long enough to go around his neck.
Needle felt. Trim if necessary.

Join the three balls together by needle felting.

Tie on the scarf.

Make eyes and mouth with small black beads or by needle felting on tiny pieces of black wool.

Add small balls of black wool for buttons or add your own buttons or beads.

Add small sticks for the arms.

Attach an ornament hook to the top of the hat.

He is now finished and ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

Now, how about making a larger needlefelted snowman?

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