Needle Felting

Needle felting is done using a special barbed needle, a foam block and wool. By sitting the wool on the foam block and passing the needle through the wool repeatedly, it matts together. It can be sculpted and shaped. The wool that is used is carded and is called roving. You can buy it in all the colors of the rainbow. 


Dyeing wool doesn't have to make a mess.

Color your own wool using this easy method.


There are different types of wool. I think the choice of what is best is a matter of opinion. Since I am no expert here, I think it is best to ask around. Different types of wool are going to have different qualities, so it will also depend on what you want.

When I bought my supplies, there were two different people there and they both had a different opinion on what was best. I ended up buying two different kinds of wool, so I could try both and decide for myself what I liked best. At this point, I haven't decided yet.

There are different gauges of needles that can be used. I'm not actually sure what gauge I have. I didn't really have a choice from where I got my supplies. The higher the number, the finer the needle and the finer the wool. A mid range, 36 gauge, when using a wool that is not too heavy, is a good, all purpose needle. You can also use a gadget that holds five needles, for those extra large projects. Imagine how well you could poke yourself with that!!

Start with a piece of wool that is larger than what you want your finished craft project to be. You will lose at least 30% of the size, or more, depending on how firm you want it. The more you work on a piece of wool, the more compact it will become. It is amazing how pieces can be shaped and molded.

This technique can be used to make dolls, bears, dogs or anything you can dream up. Legs and arms can be wired to be poseable.

If you are making large projects, the inside can be fiber fill, with the outer layer done in wool. This is a way to get extra volume, faster. It is also a good way to cut down on expense.

Don’t bend or pry with the needle, they are very brittle and break VERY easily. The first time one snaps off, it is a shock! Your first reaction will be, that you didn't do anything. Even a small amount of prying with the needle, will cause it to snap.

Needle Felting Tutorials


Make this heart for your special Valentine.

This is a good starter project if you are just learning.


Here is a tutorial to make this easy ladybug craft.

Make a smaller version of this and attach to a headband or barrette.


This snowman needlefelted ornament is a quick and easy project to start with.

When it is finished, you can hang it on the Christmas tree.


Here is a larger snowman to try. It is another easy needle felting starter project.

Completed, it stands about six inches high.



Why not try this hummingbird?

This is a little harder than the snowman but easier than the teddy bear.


This needle felted Teddy Bear is a more challenging project. It is still fairly easy, but a bit more time consuming.

Once you have tried the snowman and hummingbird projects, you will be ready to start needle felting in even more detail.

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