Needle Felted Teddy Bear

Make a needle felted teddy bear with these easy instructions.

For more information see needle felting how to.

Age: 12+

Difficulty Rating: Medium

Time Scale: 4 out 5

Nedle Felted Teddy Bear


  • About 24 inch long piece of dark brown carded wool
  • About 6 inch long piece of light brown wool
  • small piece of black wool
  • 2 black beads for eyes
  • sewing needle
  • heavy brown thread
  • small wooden heart shaped button

Needle Felted Teddy Bear Tutorial

To make this project, start with the legs. Use a piece of the dark brown wool about 4 inches long and about 3 inches wide. Roll wool into a cylinder shape. Needlefelt to shape. Make it quite firm so it holds the shape well. Leave the one end loose to attach the foot.


Take a small piece of wool about an inch long and roll and needlefelt to make the feet. Leave the wool loose at the end that will hook to the legs.
Attach the feet to the legs by needle felting together. If at any time a piece is too small and not the shape you want, just add more wool. Bend the foot upwards at the ankle and keep building and shaping.


Take two pieces of wool about 3.5 inches long and roll into cylinder shapes, this time for the arms. These should be long enough to also form the hands. Add more wool to the hand if necessary to get the shape you want.


To make the body of the needle felted teddy bear, use a piece about 6 inches long. Roll, then needlefelt into shape. The more you work on it, the more shape you can create.

If you want to have a fat tummy on your bear, then add another piece of wool, rolled into a ball. If there isn't enough wool in an area to get the shape you want, add more and continue shaping. Form a neck too. If you want a longer neck, add wool to the body.


Roll a piece, about the size of a golf ball, into a round shape, for the head. Needle felt this to shape. Remember, this may look big to start with but will compress down by at least 30%.

Make indentations where the eyes will go. Attach the head to the body.


Add the ears by using small pieces, shaping them first and then attaching them to the head. Add the lighter brown wool to the inside of the ears.


Roll a piece of wool into a cylinder shape for the nose. Leave the end that joins to the head loose, so it is easier to attach. It should look a bit too big at first. The more it is needlefelted, the more it will compress down and get smaller.


The nose can't be completely formed into the exact shape you will want, until after it is attached to the head. After putting it on the head, keep working with your needle felted teddy bear to get the nose the shape that you want. Shape the mouth and needle felt in a strip of dark brown wool.

Now roll a small dark brown or black piece of wool, to about pea size. Add to the end of the nose and shape and add nostrils, by needlefelting. When you have the shape you want, you can harden it by painting on some watered down white glue.


Use the light brown wool to make the foot/hand pads on the bear.
Make the soles and then add the round shapes for the toes.


Sew on the bead eyes.
Sew arms and legs on to the body.

Add a small wooden heart button on to the chest of the teddy bear.


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