Needle Felted Snowman

Make a needle felted snowman with these easy to follow instructions.

Age 12+ Needles are VERY sharp

Rating for this craft project: Easy

Time scale 3 out of 5 for beginners

This is a fairly easy craft project to begin with. When you learn how to do the felting and shaping there are many different things you can make.



  • Carded wool, about 30 inches of white
  • orange wool, small amount
  • black wool for hat
  • 7 black beads for mouth and eyes
  • one needlefelting needle
  • 3 buttons
  • sticks for arms
  • material or wool for scarf
  • glue gun and sticks
  • black thread and sewing needles for sewing on buttons
  • 4x4x6 inch foam block
  • 4x1 inch cyclinder shape foam piece
  • white glue

Make a Needle Felted Snowman

Needle felting the first ball should take about 20 minutes. Start with a piece of wool about 14 inches long and about 5 inches ( width it comes in) and roll into a ball. Now, push the needle into the wool while it is sitting on the foam block. Move up and down with the needle. Don't push it in to the wool any more than a quarter of an inch deep. This will start to knot the wool, felting it together.

Only do it a small amount and then turn to another spot on the ball.
Keep rotating and turning the wool after working on an area a small amount, to try to maintain the round shape. The more you felt it, the more compact it will become. Leave it a bit flat on the bottom, so it will sit.

The next ball will be about an 8 inch length of wool. This will be the middle of the needle felted snowman. Follow the same needle felting procedure as the first ball.

Next is the head, which you will use a 6 inch long piece of wool for. When this is done, attach the balls to each other by using a small piece of wool, wrapped around where they join. Now, needle felting this together. You can also pull wool loose at the bottom of the ball to attach to the next ball.

When all of the balls of the needle felted snowman have been hooked together, sew buttons on the front. Take a small piece of orange felt, roll it into and elongated shape and needlefelt to make the nose. Now attach to the face of the snowman. To stiffen nose more and tame down any stray wool strands you can rub on a small amount of white glue.

Now you can use small black beads for the mouth. Sew these on using your black thread. Use two slightly larger beads for the eyes.

Use blue for the scarf or cut out a piece of material, if you would like a cloth scarf, instead of needle felting one.

Now, take some small branches from a bush or tree and cut them to the length you want, for the arms. Poke a hole in the side of the middle ball with scissors or skewer stick. Add some glue from your glue gun to the end of the stick and put in the body.

For the hat, measure around snowman head. Use a piece slightly longer, felting into a rectangle flat shape. Wrap this around a round piece of foam and needle felt together. Add a circle for the top of the hat. Remove from foam cylinder and attach by needle felting to the head of the snowman.

Ta da! There you have it. Your needle felted snowman is complete.

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