Nature Crafts

Collect items from outside to create nature crafts. Branches, driftwood, seed pods, seashells and pinecones are a few examples of things that you can use.

Kids can be taken on a hike to collect objects. They can be encouraged to use their imagination to come up with their own ideas. Many items can be made with limited craft supplies. Some may only require found objects from outdoors and some glue.


This beach craft sign is another way to display that collection of seashells.


Anything from nature can be used to make this fairy house.

Bark, sticks, nuts, seed pods and rocks all make good building materials.

Once you start, ideas will just come to you and you may want to just keep building.


Sticks, dried flowers, shells and a rock can be used, to make this rustic Garden Angel.

She can watch over your garden and make your flowers grow. I sure hope it works for my garden!


Make pinecone crafts, like this owl. He is made using seed pods, a pinecone and feathers.

Each one will be unique, depending on what supplies are collected.


Like to collect seashells? I really like collecting seashells but have found that they don't usually end up getting displayed. Even if they are put in a jar on display, it is hard to see each individual shell. A better way to display them is to create a seashell mobile.

If you have a lot of shells, you can create a large mobile. If you have just a few, make a smaller one.


Another project to make using seashells is a seashell picture frame.

Add a beach photo from where the seashells were collected, to create a reminder of a special vacation.


How can you tell one of my favorite places is the beach?

This seashell shadow box will keep your shell collection safely behind glass.

seashell shadowbox

Get inspired by photographs of  the textures in nature.

Replicate these patterns in your craft projects.


After some frustration trying a variety of techniques, I've finally figured it out! Here are instructions for the method I found the best for creating a twig ball. No need to use a form to shape it.

Nature crafts like this one are inexpensive to make!


How to make a wreath, that isn't the typical round shape.

This heart shaped twig art is a great spring time project.


Here is a doll that was created by my Grandmother. The year was around 1914. This is when you used what you had, to make things. There was no such thing as going off to the craft store to buy supplies.

The head is made from a dried apple.

The hair is from my Grandma.

The body, carved by her brother, from an apple crate.


The teeth were made from apple seeds, but they have since fallen out. Not really unexpected after 100 years!

It is a bit creepy looking but it is still a special family keepsake.

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