Museum of Miniatures

There is an AMAZING museum in Tucson, Arizona called the Mini Time Museum of Miniatures (quite a mouthful.)  It is fun for all ages. Looking for some inspiration? It's a great place to start.

Bring your reading glasses or a magnifying glass, to get the best view. Be prepared to spend some time looking around.

Admission is very reasonable at $9.00. If you buy the Tucson coupon book, you get in two for one!

There is a little workshop scene, with teeny, tiny bottles, with little wee screws inside. My eagle eyed husband, spotted those and pointed them out. It's fun to go with someone else; you will both notice different things the other one missed.

Here is a little tour of just a fraction of the things you will see:


This gives new meaning to "In a Nut Shell", doesn't it?


"Sartori Wine" by Pat Arnell and additional Artisans.  This is actually made from a wine box.


A little scene in a tea pot called "Cuppa Tea Shop".


"Three Bears House" by Rik Pierce. I wonder if that is the bed that Goldilocks thinks is just right.


This is an "Elves House" Christmas scene. They look like they are having fun.


A large dollhouse called the "Yellow Rose of Texas" by Virgil Goodman and Pat Arnell. Lots to see in this one with incredible detail in each and every room. 

More in the Museum of Miniatures


"Just Suits" is made from Cigar boxes. C.A.1900

Even most of the furnishings are original.


This German Wooden Dollhouse is by Christian Hacker C.A. 1892. These were high quality Dollhouses that were distributed world wide. Wouldn't it have been completely amazing to have one of these to play with. Actually, it would be amazing to have one of these even as a grown up! I found these older houses in the museum of miniatures the most fascinating.


The French kitchen scene is just so cute! It is complete with the pots and pans and tiny utensils. There is even a turkey in the oven! It looks so real.


Another tiny kitchen... I must really like kitchen's, especially if I don't have to be in it and OBVIOUSLY, I wouldn't fit in this one! Problem solved.


Nuremberg turn of the century kitchen by Moritz Gottschalk C.A.1909. There are some very interesting facts about this dollhouse kitchen. This German masterpiece has an actual tiny working kitchen. Long ago it seems there was a specific purpose for everything, including for what should have been just a toy to play with.

Visit the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures to discover more. It is well worth the trip!

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