Mummy Candy Holder 

Kids can make this easy, inexpensive mummy candy holder from a paper towel tube. Use it to hold treats at an Egyptian themed party.

Age: 7 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5



  • fine tip black felt pen
  • white cotton (an old sheet) or gauze
  • paper towel tube
  • 1.5 inch styrofoam ball
  • scissors
  • white tacky glue
  • wrapped candy


Cut a paper towel tube to about 5 inches long. Younger kids may require some assistance with this.


Add tacky glue, around the edge of the tube.

Push a 1.5 inch round styrofoam ball part way down, into the top.


After this has dried, fill the paper towel tube from the bottom, with Halloween treats. You can use candies like the small wrapped chocolate bars and packages of bubble gum.


Tear an old white sheet or other cotton material into 2 inch wide strips. You will need about 2 strips that are 72 inches long. As an alternative, you can use gauze instead. If you use gauze, it will require more wrapping, to hide the paper towel tube.

Fold a strip of material over the bottom of the tube and glue it on each side. Wrap the material, once around the tube and then wrap the bottom again, from the opposite direction.


Add a dab of glue and then start wrapping around the tube in a crisscross pattern. If you come to the end of the material, add a dab of glue and start with another strip.

Keep wrapping, all the way to the top of the paper towel tube.


Near the top, before you get to the styrofoam ball, tuck the material into itself to hold it.

Wrap the material over the top of the styrofoam ball.


Tuck it in again, add a bit of glue to the back of the material. Now, cut off the excess material.

Use a black felt pen to dot on the eyes. Just make small dots because the material absorbs the ink and it tends to spread out a bit.


Your mummy candy holder is finished. This is an inexpensive little treat that kids can hand out to their friends or add to the goodie bag at a party. 

I made these for an Egyptian themed party and buried them in sand, inside a homemade pyramid. The kids had great fun digging with little plastic shovels, in search of their treasures!

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