Mothers Day Craft

Make this rose for a Mothers Day Craft. Give Mom a whole bouquet.

Here are instructions for a bread dough clay rose. It is a much better recipe, than the typical kids bread dough clay. It produces a smoother clay, that can be sculpted into much finer detail. It is a lot like working with fondant, but please, don't eat it!

Age: 8+

Difficulty Rating: Medium

Time Scale: 2 out of 5


  • White glue
  • Slice of white bread crust removed
  • cold cream
  • Cornstarch as needed
  • one drop of clove oil
  • Few drops of craft paint for desired color
  • Wire or toothpicks for stem
  • Green floral tape
  • sealer


How to make this Mothers Day Craft


Remove and discard crust from bread.

Crumble the bread into very small pieces.

Add one tablespoon of glue. Mix together and then add the cold cream. Now, put in one drop of clove oil.

Put some cold cream on your hands to keep the clay from sticking. Mix and then knead the clay until it is smooth. Add a bit of cornstarch, if it is sticky. If it seems really sticky, add more bread.

While making your mothers day craft, always keep the clay in a zip lock bag. Only take out the amount you will be working with at the time.
If it starts to feel a bit dry, put a bit of cold cream on your fingertips and it will smooth it out.

Now that your clay is kneaded smooth, it is ready to use.

For a small rose take a piece of clay the size of a small pea and shape and flatten so it is quite thin. Wrap this around a toothpick or wire to make the inside bud.Continue making petals, overlapping the seams of the petals as you go around. Shape and slightly bend tops of petals over. I added six petals around the inside bud. Add more if you like.

Make leaves with green colored clay. Shape by hand, or use a leaf shaped cutter. Add lines for veins on leaves with a toothpick. Attach the leaves to the underside of the rose.


Stick the wire/toothpick into a foam block to dry. After your flower is dry, wrap the stem with green floral tape. If you don't want a stem on your flower, remove it from the wire/toothpick before drying. Try to keep it in an area that is warm, with low humidity. When dried completely, coat with a sealer.

Make a bunch of these roses and give your Mom a whole bouquet. You could also try making calla lilies, daisies or whatever kind of flower you like.

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