Monster Crafts

This is one of the kids monster crafts that is not only fun to make but is a fun game too. He has a mouth full of eyeballs and you try to get them out of his mouth before he eats them! 

Age: 10

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5



  • kleenex box
  • poster board or cereal box board
  • 9 x 4.5 inch piece of cardboard
  • 10 ping pong balls
  • white glue
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks (for older kids only)
  • old narrow belt with buckle
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • blue or green felt permanent marker
  • black felt permanent marker
  • medium paint brush
  • craft paints in:

Instructions for Monster Crafts Game

Start by removing any plastic from the opening of a kleenex box and painting the inside back of the box with black craft paint.

Mark two circles about 1/2 an inch around on the top of the box (on the long side) with a pencil. Make them close to the front edge and about 2 inches apart.

Use green paint to cover the entire box, except for the back and where these circles are.

Draw eyes onto all the ping pong balls using felt markers. You should make your monster crafts the way you want, so pick the colors you like. Remember, the colors and shape you choose for the eyes can make it scary, funny or silly.

Here is an alternative way to make the eyes: Print out irises on to paper, cut them out and then glue on to the ping pong balls with white glue. There is a free printout here:

Choose two of your favorite eyes and glue them on to the top of the kleenex box in the unpainted circles. Younger kids should use white glue or have assistance if using a hot glue gun. If you do choose to use hot glue, make sure it isn't really hot or you may melt the ping pong balls.

Cut a piece of poster board into a tongue shape about 3 inches wide at the top and 4 inches wide at the bottom and about 6 inches long. Fold over the top edge about a 1/2 inch down. Make a crease down the center of the tongue, lengthwise. Shape the poster board a bit by curling the sides down. Paint with red paint, except for the backside of the 1/2 inch fold. When dry, glue the back side of the fold to the inside bottom of the kleenex box opening, in the center.

Cut two pieces of poster board about 2 inches wide and slightly longer than the length of the kleenex box opening. (about 7 inches long). With a pencil, draw jagged triangle shapes across these for teeth. They should be various lengths, but not more than 1 inch long. The teeth should be shorter and smaller on each side and longer towards the center.  Leave a 1 inch wide strip of poster board across the top. Glue the top one to the inside edge of the kleenex box opening. Cut the bottom one in half and position on each side of the tongue.

If the teeth are too long, and the opening not big enough, this monster crafts project is going to have a little too much bite. It will make the game much harder. You may have to adjust this. You will have to test it later to see. 

Cut slits in the back sides of the kleenex box, wide enough to slip a belt through. Put the belt through these slits with the back of the belt against the back inside of the box. Glue the belt in place, adding extra glue to the slits in the cardboard.

Cut a piece of cardboard and glue on to the back of the box. This will provide extra support and keep the belt from ripping off of the box. Paint the back of the box with green craft paint.

Put the remaining 8 ping pong ball eyes into the mouth of the monster. Attach the box to your back and buckle the belt in the front. Now, start shaking and wiggling to see how many eyeballs you can get out in 60 seconds.

If you can't get any out either you don't have much wiggle in your woggle or those teeth are making the opening in the mouth too small. Maybe you are just wondering what a woggle is? Maybe THAT's the problem! Have someone else try it, to see if they have the same problem. If so, make his teeth a little smaller.

Now that this monster crafts project is complete, it can be used to keep kids or adults entertained at a birthday or halloween party.   

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