Monster Craft

Make this Monster Craft for your Halloween display. He is like a scarecrow,  gone a little haywire!  

Age: Adult

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5



  • burlap sack or burlap material
  • 4 litre milk jug
  • fiberfill (batting and loose stuffing)
  • sewing needle
  • tan colored thread
  • scissors
  • package of white polymer clay
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • white glue
  • 3/4 inch in diameter stick (or dowel)  2 feet long
  • black craft foam
  • white craft foam
  • white polymer clay
  • small paint brush
  • liner brush

Craft paint in:

  • Green
  • black
  • Red

Monster Craft How To

Use a stick or dowel that is about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch wide and about 2 feet long. Put hot glue on the end and push in through the opening of a 4 litre plastic milk jug. Push all the way to the bottom, inside of the milk container.

Add more glue at the opening around the stick, to secure.

Wrap the stick to about 6 inches down with 3 layers of fiberfill. Glue with hot glue.

Hot glue 2 layers of fiberfill around the milk jug.

Cut a piece of burlap about 28 inches wide by 18 inches long. Double over the 28th inch width, right sides together. Use tan colored thread to sew up both sides and the top of the burlap, so it is a rectangle shaped bag. Leave open at the bottom. Turn inside right.

Place the burlap over the milk container. Place the seams so they are on the sides with the handle of the milk jug to the back, so it is out of the way.

You will now need to add some shape to your burlap monster head, using soft sculpture techniques. Stuff the inside of the top two corners of the burlap bag and shape into ears. Make them more like animal ears, rather than people ears. This monster craft is more monstrous that way. Gather together where the head and the ears meet and sew, to hold in place.


Form a nose by adding stuffing, then shaping and sewing in place. Don't forget the nostrils.

Make indentations on the face,  where the eyes will go. Sew these. Excuse the picture. Ignore those eyes for now. Finish the rest of the face first.

Some of the order of this will depend on what works better for you. Chin first? Mouth first? Once again the pictures don't necessarily show what should come first. Squeeze, push and stuff and then sew, to hold the shape, how you want it.  


Make the mouth by sewing a circle with a gather stitch. Pull and knot to hold. Now do a bigger circle around this one. Add stuffing to the inside and gather this stitch to form lips. Remember, this monster craft doesn't have to be human like. 

Paint the lips with red craft paint. Let dry.

Cut a piece of black craft foam to fit the inside of the mouth. Glue in, using white craft glue.

Make two rectangle shapes from white craft foam, for those two goofy teeth. Add more if you like.


Use a piece of fiberfill to make a big chin. If you have done needle sculpting before, you will have no problems with this. If you haven't, just keep fiddling with it. You will get it to take shape, with some patience. It is a bit harder to shape the material because it doesn't have stretch to it.


Don't forget a few last little tweaks, to your Monster craft. This may require some rude looking procedures! If this guy could talk he may say "Get your finger out of my nose!"

After you have finished stuffing and shaping the nose, chin and mouth,  gather the burlap together, below the chin. Sew it shut. Use hot glue to help hold it in place, around the stick or dowel. 


Condition a package of white polymer clay and roll into two balls about 1 inch across. Bake according to manufacturers instructions. When cooled, use green paint to add irises to the white balls. Dot in the center with black paint, for the pupils. Add small red lines on the white part, for veins.

Hot glue the eyes into the indentations that were made in the face. Point one eye off in a funny direction, to make him look extra creepy.  

Now what should you do with this monster craft? Leave it like it is for a head on a stick display? Yep, you could do that or do you think he needs a body? That's quick and easy. Stuff an old shirt and blue jeans with fiberfill or newspaper. Add garden gloves or spooky hands. Prop the body in a chair. Put the head on top.

This creepy critter has sat at the patio table outside every year in all sorts of weather, greeting the trick or treaters on Halloween night.

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