Miniature Tutorials

Easy Miniature tutorials to help you make your own magical world of adorable, tiny creations.

Who isn't fascinated by the world of little things? Everything you can imagine, shrunk down to itty bitty becomes so cute.


Have a look at a few things inside The Mini Time Museum of Miniatures in Tucson, Arizona. What a fun place to spend an afternoon or the whole day! Filled with lots of tiny treasures to get you inspired.

The trip to the museum got me thinking about including some miniature tutorials to the website. I am finally getting to it!

Here's one reason why....


I met Anabelle while we were staying in Arizona for the winter. What a smart little girl with loads of good ideas! She has been a big influence in motivating me to finally get some mini projects done.

Anabelle is five and she has an American Girl doll. While we were doing some craft projects together, she decided her doll needed to have some food. Using polymer clay, in no time she whipped up a granola bar with strawberry filling. Soon, she had made a whole bunch of things for her doll. Shortly after, I started coming up with some ideas too!

Traveling has always given me lots of inspiration to make craft projects. The special trip every year to Tucson to take polymer clay classes with Christi Friesen; meeting creative kids like Anabelle and Kayla, visiting museums and exploring the great outdoors, all fill my head with new ideas. I'm running out of pages in my Book of Nonsense. (That's where I write these ideas down.)


A dollhouse to fill, is also on the to do list of miniature tutorials. We recently went to Bryce Canyon. One area of particular interest was fairyland. There were pillars of sandstone, shaped by the wind that look like fairy houses. If you were actually up close you would realize they aren't as little as they appear in the distance! Other areas of the park are full of rock castles that would be Harry Potter approved. I can't wait to get home and start fashioning a paper mâché house that resembles what I have seen.

Paper mâché and polymer clay are my two favourite craft mediums. There are pros and cons to both materials. I'll show items made from each.

When making minis in the 1:12 or smaller scale, polymer clay wins, hands down. There are some incredible miniature tutorials on the internet. The downside is, larger items can use quite a bit of clay and can get expensive to make.

The American Girl doll is 1:3 scale, so some items aren't really tiny. Bigger scale is easier and can be made using paper mache.  The biggest advantage is it is very inexpensive, so you can make lots! The disadvantage is less detail (unless you use paper mâché clay) and it has to be painted.

Miniature Tutorials

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Even something like this miniature apple in 1:3 scale, is possible to make, using newspaper strips.



A Tisket a tasket a recycled paper easter basket.

The American Girl doll can carry all her groceries.


Paper mache carrots are easy to make.

Tissue paper works well for the tops.


This realistic Play Pizza is made from polymer clay.

It's straight from the oven and, looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?


How to make doll Lettuce... An unusual tissue paper craft idea.

It is amazing how well this turned out.


Oranges are filled with vitamin C, except for this one.

Even a paper mache orange, can look good enough to eat.



This Paper mache watermelon is another American Girl doll sized fruit.

Made to 1:3 scale, this can be adjusted to any size you want.

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