Mini Scrapbook

Make a mini scrapbook using recycled countertop samples. Give as a gift for Valentines Day, a wedding or a birthday.

Age: 12+

This requires sizing and printing pictures off the computer. Younger kids can also do this, with some help.

Difficulty rating: Easy

Time scale 2 out of 5



  • Small countertop sample pieces
  • Various scrapbook paper or construction paper
  • white glue
  • scissors
  • small ribbon
  • red craft foam
  • embellishments like buttons, beads, lace etc.
  • pictures
  • key chain
  • small hole punch
  • heart stamps
  • red and black ink

This is one of those valentines craft ideas that I came up with, using some scrapbooking techniques, but in miniature. Make this into a photo keychain or just a little scrapbook.

First off, the countertop samples should be collected only by honest means. Get them from either real countertop shopping or by asking the hardware store for old samples. Please don't go grabbing a bunch just because you want to do this project. I would never want someone to think I am advocating that, because I'm not.

This mini scrapbook, is one of the few valentine craft ideas that is suitable, for giving to a man. There aren't too many, but I think this is one of them.

Instructions for Mini Scrapbook

Glue construction paper or scrapbook paper to each side of the countertop samples. I did five, which actually will have ten photos, one on each side. Trim the paper to fit.

I chose red paper, in different patterns, because this was a Valentines Day gift. Pick whatever color you want, for the occasion you will be using it for. Example: For a birthday, choose the favorite color of the person that will be receiving it. If it is for a wedding, pick the brides wedding color scheme.

Use a small hole punch to make the hole in the center, at the top. The sample should already have this hole, so you are only punching holes through the paper.

Print some pictures of you and your special someone. Make them small so they will fit. Leave some room for embellishments. Glue a photo on the front and back of each sample.

Using red craft foam, cut out various sized hearts and glue these on. If you have heart shaped stamps, add where you can find room.

Decorate with lace, buttons, ribbon and beads. Add ink around the edges of the paper.

If scrapbooking is something that you are familiar with, then you will have many of your own ideas, on how to fancy it up.

When finished, hook together with a key chain or tie together with narrow ribbon.

This mini scrapbook makes a unique and special gift and it is also fun to make. Later, you can add more decorated countertop samples. They can even be done a page at a time, to mark each milestone or special occasion. If this is a wedding momento, on each anniversary, another "page" can be added.

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